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Dede Wakefield Alogent

Dede Wakefield

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Peachtree Corners

Founded: 2016

Industry: Financial Software and Servcies

Dede Wakefield, a second-time Titan 100, said her secret superpower is her strong work ethic with a constant desire to learn. “Speed in executing tasks and ability to process work at two times the capacity of peers has allowed me to take on projects and roles – because I was available and because I was willing to learn,” she said.

This superpower has served Wakefield well as the CEO of Alogent, a financial software and services firm.

Alogent provides advanced technologies that digitize and automate the financial services industry in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Alogent’s solutions span the entire transaction ecosystem – from capturing and digitizing transaction data to automating entire transaction workflows and removing manual processes to drive efficiencies inside the financial institution.

Under Wakefield’s leadership, the firm made an acquisition that brought significant capabilities and products under the Alogen umbrella. “Successful integration of acquisitions is an important focus for Alogent and I’m proud to say that one year post acquisition, we have retained 100% of the employees from the target company,” said Wakefield.

Looking forward, the firm will continue to investigate emerging trends, converse with industry experts and innovate internally to give customers an advantage in a changing industry, said Wakefield. “We plan to continue to be inquisitive with regard to acquisition of products that help us better serve our 550+ direct financial institution customers,” she said.

According to Wakefield, she embraces change and challenges as a leader. “Many years ago, I left a position in which I was comfortable, well paid and well respected for an opportunity in which, if successful, would bring me significant professional and personal growth,” she said. “Leaving an area of comfort and familiarity was scary but not challenging myself was a scarier proposition.”

Mentorship is also a priority for Wakefield and her team. “Alogent has a mentor program that pairs leadership team members with strong managers and directors to give them an outlet for growth and development in an informal setting,” said Wakefield. “Impact is measured by retention and promotion of these individuals and their ability to put forth what they are learning to additional layers within the organization and drive our common goals.”

It is important to acknowledge that leadership is hard, said Wakefield. “It is lonely, and it is challenging; it also requires a lot of self-awareness as to what you personally do well and what you need to surround yourself with to be successful,” she said.

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My secret superpower is my strong worth ethic with a constant desire to learn. Speed in executing tasks and ability to process work at 2x the capacity of peers has allowed me over my career to take on projects and roles I may otherwise not been thought of for – because I was available and because I was willing to learn.


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