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Debra Shoaf Atlanta Community Food Bank

Debra Shoaf

Chief Financial Officer

Feed the Children

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1979

Industry: Nonprofit

As the Chief Financial Officer at Feed the Children, Debra Shoaf has found that open-minded curiosity is a key attribute of a leader. “It can help us to understand and appreciate the viewpoints and ideas offered by others and it’s especially important in our multi-generational workplaces and is a critical component for employee growth and retention,” she said. “Fostering the sharing of ideas and information helps everyone, and even leaders at the top can benefit – when you stop learning, you stop growing.” In her role, providing strategic fiscal counsel and clear vision to the global organization, she upholds professional and ethical integrity, ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies and donor expectations. Shoaf advises key stakeholders on crucial business decisions, forecasts future strategies, and oversees financial reporting and analysis.
Feed the Children is a prominent anti-hunger nonprofit dedicated to delivering essential resources to children and families in need. Since 1979, the organization has been committed to offering hope and support to those facing food insecurity. With the generous backing of donors and corporate partners, Feed the Children provides food, household essentials, nutrition training, clean water programs, school supplies, and disaster relief assistance.
The organization’s mission extends beyond immediate aid, striving to empower families and communities for long-term success. Shoaf’s leadership ensures the effective management of financial resources to support these endeavors.
Prior to joining Feed the Children, Shoaf served as the Chief Financial Officer at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, where she was recognized as a second-time Titan 100. There, she emphasized the importance of open-minded curiosity as a key trait of effective leadership. Shoaf recognized its significance in fostering understanding and appreciation for diverse viewpoints, particularly in multi-generational workplaces. Under her guidance, the food bank addressed food insecurity and hunger across metro Atlanta and north Georgia, working alongside nearly 700 community-based partners to distribute over 100 million pounds of food.
Shoaf’s financial acumen led the Atlanta Community Food Bank to explore New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) financing, securing significant funding for critical initiatives. Her cost-saving initiatives streamlined financial processes, resulting in an approximate 80% improvement in the delivery time for monthly financial reports. Her staff praised her ability to bridge the gap between financial intricacies and strategic decision-making, describing her as a true titan in her field.
Looking forward, Shoaf remains committed to strengthening education and empowerment programs, aligning with the goal of addressing the root causes of hunger. She emphasizes sustainability, innovation, advocacy for policy changes, and community engagement as key areas of focus.
In her new role at Feed the Children, Shoaf continues her dedication to fighting hunger and providing essential resources to those in need, contributing to the organization’s mission of offering hope and support to vulnerable communities worldwide

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