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David Leggett Black Airplane

David Leggett

Managing Partner

Black Airplane

Location: Woodstock

Founded: 2017

Industry: Technology

“As one of the founders at Black Airplane, I have a responsibility to not only maintain our current standards but to continually push for growth and adaptability in an ever-evolving market,” said Managing Partner David Leggett.

Black Airplane is a creative software development firm that builds apps and websites for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. The award-winning firm is a digital product agency dedicated to solving real business problems through technology. The team combines deep technical expertise with unparalleled creativity to help craft a winning product to meet clients’ needs.

Under Leggett’s leadership, the firm took a proactive approach to understanding its market dynamics by conducting in-house research to gain a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. In the last year since he was named a Titan 100, Leggett said the most profound leadership lesson he learned centered around the power of delegation.

“As Black Airplane continued its rapid ascent, I found myself managing an overwhelming 20 direct reports, which stretched my time thin but also shifted my focus away from the broader business vision,” he said. “The journey of striking the right balance between giving direction and allowing autonomy taught me the nuanced art of delegation.”

Outside of Black Airplane, Leggett served as a mentor for Atlanta Tech Village and North Atlanta Venture Mentoring service. “This opportunity allowed me to give back to the community, share our insights and further position our brand as a guide and partner with leadership experience,” Leggett said.

Leggett has also taken a personal interest in mentoring local engineers and designers, has served as the vice chair for the Downtown Development Authority for the City of Woodstock and was a board member for Cherokee by Choice, an organization that has achieved $400 million in capital investment, the creation of 2,000 jobs and the inception of the Be Pro Be Proud program that enlightened over 45,000 students about the potential of skilled trades.

“While I value the tangible achievements we’ve accomplished, it’s the personal feedback and success stories from individuals we’ve supported that resonate with me the most,” said Leggett. “When they share their triumphs and acknowledge the role that our mentorship, advice or resources played in their journey, it affirms the importance of our efforts and the genuine difference we’re making in the community.”

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