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Darin Workman The Helpful Hardware Company, Llc

Darin Workman

Co-Founder & President

The Helpful Hardware Company

Location: Cumming

Founded: 2014

Industry: Hardware Retail

Since Darin Workman was a child growing up with an entrepreneurial grandfather, he wanted to own a business. Growing up, he and his friends started a lawn care company and cut grass in the summers. After high school, he joined the U.S. Navy, where he served for 12 years.

Following his service in the Navy, meeting his wife and starting a family, Workman found himself working for The Hardware Company, a member of the largest retailer-owned cooperative, Ace Hardware. For the next 17 years, he worked for Ace Hardware Corporation in multiple positions, from IT and operations to business development.

“These years of leadership experience in the hardware industry gave Darin and his wife Gina the courage to go out on their own,” said his colleagues. Partnering with Tortola Advisors, Workman and his wife purchased three stores, grew the company to eight stores and has since grown to 19 stores across the Southeast.

Under Workman’s leadership, The Helpful Hardware Company has turned around underperforming stores, expanded through acquisitions and continues to offer products and services to customers, such as grilling, paint, power tools, lawn equipment, glass cutting and more.

“The risk of leaving the security of a corporate job was stressful and frightening; however, with the support of a wonderful team, incredible family and the team at Ace Hardware, we went from three to 19 stores in just under 10 years,” said Workman. “This was a lifelong dream that was inspired by my entrepreneurial grandparents – both sets started and ran successful businesses.”

His success has earned Workman recognition as a leader but also recognition in the industry. He led his company to earn a place in Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and received the Large Company of the Year Award by the chamber of commerce.

“Darin has a proven strategy of finding distressed stores and transforming them into successful businesses,” said his staff. “He is passionate about serving the communities he operates in and providing outstanding customer service.”

According to Workman, the most important attributes of successful leaders today are a combination of honor, integrity, service, empathy, adaptability, resilience, vision, communication skills, accountability and courage.

“Integrity is the foundation of trust and respect, which are essential for effective leadership,” said Workman. “Empathy helps leaders understand their team members’ perspectives and needs, which can lead to better decision making and a more positive work environment.”

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