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Christian Hyatt Risk3sixty

Christian Hyatt

Co-Founder & CEO


Location: Roswell

Founded: 2016

Industry: Cybersecurity

As a child, Christian Hyatt came from humble beginnings and grew up in the outskirts of Atlanta. Neither of his parents graduated from high school and his mother was a double amputee. He grew up in poverty with minimal guidance and support but leaned into his own personal drive. After encouragement from mentors, Hyatt was the first in his family to attend college and through internships was exposed and drawn to the cybersecurity industry.

After showcasing his abilities and ambitions quickly, he began working at one of the biggest accounting firms in the country, attained his MBA and met his now business partner, Christian White. The two found that they were a perfect business match and created a business model that led to the launch of risk3sixty in 2016.

risk3sixty is a boutique tech enabled consulting firm with a mission to help organizations build and maintain great security programs to enable them to scale and grow. The firm currently has over 150 clients, employees in 17 states and a track record of doubling the firm every two years.

“Over the last seven years, Christian has built one of the fastest growing cybersecurity firms in the country with humility and drive,” said his colleagues. “His dedication and contributions have not only advanced the reputation of the firm but have also had a profound influence on shaping the direction of the entire industry.”

Since 2020, Hyatt has created hundreds of videos on YouTube, multiple webinars each month, hundreds of free guides and templates, complete training courses and presented at dozens of professional conferences to share his knowledge of cybersecurity. Under Hyatt’s leadership, the firm has been named a Best Firm to Work For by Consulting Magazine for two consecutive years and clinched the Atlanta Business Chronicle Best Places to Work for three consecutive years. In addition, the company earned the Hire Veterans Medallion Award for two years, showing a commitment to supporting and hiring veterans.

“When I first started risk3sixty, I didn’t know that knowing what you believe and why would become so fundamental to our long-term success; however, I have come to learn that personal principles are fundamental,” said Hyatt. “Your principles become your culture and it sets the foundation for everything else you will do both personally and professionally.”

Staying true to five core values has also been instrumental for Hyatt. “We have five core values that we are committed to (craftsmanship, grit, steadfast, team and freedom) and they influence everything we do,” he said.

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Did you know?

1. I am good at taking abstract concepts and making them concrete and sequential

2. I did stand up comedy


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