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Chris Sizemore Incisive

Chris Sizemore

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2018

Industry: Marketing and Communications

Relationships, not transactions, are key, according to Chris Sizemore, CEO of INCISIVE and a Titan 100 Hall of Famer. “Successful leaders must exhibit transparency without fluff to ensure everything is communicated, whether it’s good, bad or ups and downs,” he said. “Throughout my career, I’ve worked to be open, honest and transparent with my team and clients.”

Sizemore founded INCISIVE, a marketing, branding and communications agency. He previously served as founder and CEO of his own Atlanta-based marketing agency, Creative Mischief, which he ran for 15 years.

With INCISIVE, Sizemore set out to create a company, rooted in integrity and charged with supporting positive growth and change for its clients. “We are our client’s trusted advisors,” he said. “We are creative problem solvers, consultants and innovators. We are in the business of helping our clients unleash their full potential.”

Sizemore said his vision for the next five years includes continuing to grow the company’s client base nationally while truly focusing on owning its Southern roots.

In the past two years, one of Sizemore’s proudest accomplishments has been working with one of his clients on a professional level and as a volunteer to advocate for the passage of the Redevelopment Powers Law Referendum.

“This was truly an uphill battle as polling determined that the trust in elected leadership was relatively non-existent, partnerships were rocky between the organizations and we faced a very short time frame,” said Sizemore. “Working with their leadership and government affairs council, our team at INCISIVE was able to utilize creative, unique approaches to getting the “vote yes” message out through digital platforms, resulting in the passage of the referendum.”

In addition to the professional work with the organization, Sizemore personally invested his time into serving on the government affairs council, meeting one-on-one with over 25 community stakeholders and public and private entities to truly understand the needs of the community.

Advocacy and public affairs have always been a great passion of his, said Sizemore. “Over the past two years in working with this organization, it has not only fueled that passion but has led to it being a stronger pillar of work that INCISIVE leans into with other clients,” he said. “It is the perfect example of how we work with clients and our team to not only provide top quality service and experiences but fuel the passions that live within our team, which makes me so proud to be the CEO.”

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Chris shares his experience as a Titan of it being a family, not a standard organization that gives out awards, but an organization that brings leaders together, not only in Georgia but across the country. Chris will tell you that in a short period of time, Titan is a family and is achieving that goal.


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