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Charlie Crawford Hyperion Bank

Charlie Crawford

Chairman & CEO

Hyperion Bank

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2006

Industry: Banking

Charlie Crawford is a big believer in fostering people to enjoy the ride and the journey. “The finish line will take care of itself, and I love to see people who are passionate about what they are doing along the way,” said Crawford, a Titan 100 Hall of Famer and CEO of Hyperion Bank.

When Crawford got involved with Hyperion Bank six years ago, the management team took the time to lay out the firm’s core values. “We developed a pyramid with the customer on top and our mission to create value for our customers,” he said. “We committed to creating a positive work environment for our employees built on trust, respect, collaboration and fun – and a commitment by each employee to do their best every day.”

Hyperion Bank serves the banking needs of the greater Philadelphia and Atlanta regions, aspiring to be an integral member of the diverse communities it serves by delivering the highest quality service to customers. The bank blends historic community banking values with modern tech, serving customers with local decision-making made by experienced professionals who know their communities.

Looking forward to the future, Crawford said he expects Hyperion Bank to become a larger force in the communities it serves, chiefly through continuing to attract and retain top-flight banking talent which, in turn, brings new customers who reward the bank by bringing additional accounts and referrals to the bank. The bank will also continue to stay on the cutting edge of financial technology while growing its SBA program.

Most importantly, Crawford seeks to foster new leaders among its ranks, both to serve the bank in broader ways, but also serve its communities. “I’m a staunch believer in the bank, via our people, being connected to and active in the community, so growing our community ranks right up there with growing our business itself,” he said.

Continuing to mentor others is also a top priority for Crawford. “The accomplishment of which I am most proud (apart from marriage and family) is that for over 35 years, I have been able to serve businesses, individuals and the community with great teams of bankers,” said Crawford.

When mentoring the next generation of bankers, Crawford said his advice is similar to what he tells his children. “Bring passion to whatever you do, listen more than you talk, be open minded and curious to try things differently, be kind to others as you go about your journey and take the time to mentor the next generation,” he said.

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“Bring passion to whatever you do, listen more than you talk, be open-minded and curious to try things differently, be kind to others as you go about your journey, and take the time to mentor the next generation.”


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