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Ceata E. Lash Puffcuff Llc

Ceata E. Lash

Founder, Inventor & CEO

PuffCuff LLC

Location: Marietta

Founded: 2013

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care/CPG

Ceata Lash’s entrepreneurial journey began with the all-too-familiar experience of societal pressure to conform to conventional beauty standards. Like many African American girls, she felt the need to straighten her hair to fit in; however, this led to chronic scalp dermatitis. It was in her mid thirties that she made a transformative decision to embrace her natural hair texture, birthing innovation.

Lash created the PuffCuff, a revolutionary hair accessory designed specifically for people with textured hair. “Her invention filled a critical gap in the market, providing a comfortable and secure way to style and manage natural hair,” said her staff. “Her ability to turn a personal challenge into a groundbreaking product showcases her entrepreneurial vision.”

PuffCuff is an e-commerce business in the beauty and personal care industry, specifically hair care and hair styling tools and accessories with a mission to champion self-acceptance and self-love by offering painless, damage-free styling tools for those with thick, curly or textured hair.

“After much research and discovering that many other African American women were experiencing the same difficulties, I became determined to find a solution,” said Lash. “As I delved deeper, I discovered that it wasn’t just African American women who faced these challenges; men and women with curly hair, locs and braids were also experiencing similar styling woes, so the concept of PuffCuff was born.”

With over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, Lash brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to her company where she holds four U.S. patents for her natural hair item. In 2018, Lash was presented with the President’s Innovation Award from Sally Beauty.

Under Lash’s leadership, PuffCuff has expanded into a $2 million company and Lash was recognized as Inc. Magazine’s Top 200 Female Founders. She remains committed to education and mentorship with participation in programs like the Goldman Sachs 1-K Small Business National Cohort.

According to Lash, taking risks as an entrepreneur has been both daunting and rewarding. “The most significant risk I took on my leadership journey was investing my family’s entire retirement fund in PuffCuff, our business,” she said. “I persevered and refused to let my initial lack of business knowledge deter me from learning and growing stronger and I’m steadfastly committed to PuffCuff’s success because I know it will succeed as a global brand.”

Lash is also committed to servant leadership. “The most crucial attributes of successful leaders today include a servant-leadership mindset, prioritizing the collective success for their team, recognizing that businesses and individuals have seasons and embracing the reality that not everyone will embark on the entire journey with them, which is acceptable,” she said.

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My secret superpower? I excel in creative thinking and deeply understand my customers, fostering their identity and promoting self-acceptance and love. Plus, I take great joy in nurturing upcoming small business owners. And a fun fact: I can Tetris any space, be it a suitcase, the trunk of a car, a cargo truck, a living room, or a kitchen drawer!


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