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Caryn Cook Genesys Health

Caryn Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Genesys Health

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2018

Industry: Employee Benefits Consulting

While navigating the labyrinth of life, Caryn Cook, a Titan 100 Hall of Famer, encourages others to seize opportunities with audacity. “Titans aren’t molded by timidity but by the fearless pursuit of their aspirations,” she said. “Be unafraid to challenge norms, embrace discomfort and take calculated risks; it’s within these audacious moves that you’ll discover the untapped reservoirs of your potential.”

Discovering untapped reservoirs has been at the helm of Cook’s success as the CEO of Genesys Health, an HR and benefits consultancy that supports companies with top-tier solutions to attract and retain top talent. The company focuses on removing the barriers to people getting healthcare and offers tailored solutions to each and every client.

Cook said Genesys Health markets itself differently and differentiates its approach by focusing on transformative impacts, moving beyond mere insurance challenges. “This unique perspective sets us apart in the industry and I inspire my team to tackle challenges by guiding them to leverage their authenticity and identifying genuine strengths to become invaluable assets,” she said.

At Genesys Health, Cook said the firm prioritizes a commitment to trust, innovation and collaboration, ultimately for elevation. “Trust is the bedrock of our operations, guiding ethical decision-making at every level, in turn, enjoying our relationships as true partnerships and friendships,” she said. “Innovation fuels our progress, as we relentlessly seek new, efficient solutions to be ahead of evolving challenges and bring awareness and through leadership to emerging trends.”

Over the next five years, the company’s vision involves a strategic focus on evolving its core practices and fostering a culture and commitment to people first and data second. “When people take precedence and data supports our decisions, we are driving savings to the bottom line of many organizations, as well as improving through benefit programs and savings to their employees,” Cook said. “Our commitment extends beyond serving clients to influencing the entire broker community, driving innovation, and reframing mindsets in the realm of healthcare.”

According to Cook, the company aims to break through barriers, leveraging its exceptional ability to deliver superior results, and most importantly, shifting the paradigm from healthcare to a holistic approach centered on caring for people’s health.

“I aim to establish a legacy centered around the principle of mutual success, striving for a win-win-win scenario, where clients, carriers, partners and ourselves all achieve success,” Cook said. “My legacy is rooted in the satisfaction of delivering outstanding results through enjoyable, impactful and deeply meaningful work.”

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“Titans aren’t molded by timidity but by the fearless pursuit of their aspirations; be unafraid to challenge norms, embrace discomfort and take calculated risks.”


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