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Carnellia Ajasin Futuryst, Inc

Carnellia Ajasin

Founder & CEO

Futuryst Inc.

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2011

Industry: Business Consulting and Services

As the CEO of Futuryst Inc., Carnellia Ajasin leads a firm with a mission to shape a regenerative future. “We exist to bring that change and the future to the now by working with humanity-centered bold visionaries from corporate, government and entrepreneurial backgrounds to accelerate our mission of a regenerative future,” she said. “We choose to invest and invent with passionate people with businesses that are the solution.”

Futuryst Inc. is a tech innovation and sustainability venture studio that creates, launches, scales and invests in high-growth companies advancing people, purpose and the planet. The firm has three core fronts: Innovation Studio for Corporations, Universities and Governments; Venture Studio for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Founders; Humanity AI Studio for AI innovation across all entities.

Since Ajasin was named a Titan 100 last year, she has worked to bolster her reputation and that of the company by enhancing speaking engagements, mentoring at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center and partnering on a federal government AI project. She was also asked to extend an appointed role at the Georgia Tech ATDC Incubator as an Entrepreneur in Residence to support and advise the growth of companies across the state of Georgia.

In addition, Ajasin has led the company through a partnership as a software development partner for a major Atlanta-based telecommunications firm, developing phases I and II of an open access fiber networks operations management platform. “It represents a significant step in enhancing digital infrastructure and connectivity,” said Ajasin. “They have not only elevated our company’s status but have also positioned us as a leading force in the technological advancement of smart cities and digital infrastructure.”

In the last year, Ajasin said her greatest leadership lesson is that she can bring her passion and personal mission to be more purpose focused in both life and business without compromise. “Nothing excites me more than creating positive change in the realms of innovation, sustainability and ventures,” she said. “I tirelessly explore the intersection of sustainability and humanity, shaping the future through innovative work with emerging technologies and progressive venture building and scaling.”

Ajasin said that as a leader, she has learned to focus on where the firm can make the greatest impact. “Entrepreneurship and innovation are vital to progression and new ventures are a nexus of the future-focused efforts that will define our tomorrow,” she said. “By exploring the crux of innovation and sustainability, we can ensure that tomorrow is truly livable – and I am just getting started.”

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My secret superpower is the ability to blend advanced technology with a deep understanding of human needs, creating innovative and impactful solutions. This unique combination of tech expertise and empathy is what drives successful problem-solving at Futuryst, Inc.


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