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Brandon Powell Hatchworks

Brandon Powell

Chief Executive Officer

HatchWorks Technologies

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2016

Industry: Software Development

One of the most pivotal risks in Brandon Powell’s career was leaving a secure and prominent leadership position at AT&T to start HatchWorks Technologies. “I was in a comfortable and stable role with a clear path that could have led me to retirement without significant worries,” said Powell. “However, despite the safety and predictability of my position, I harbored a deep-seated desire to create something of my own.”

The decision was not one that Powell made lightly. It was a leap into the unknown, fraught with uncertainty and challenges. “Yet, I believed that founding HatchWorks was essential for personal and professional fulfillment,” he said. “I wanted to build a legacy, to create something that was distinctly mine and to make a tangible impact in the business world.”

HatchWorks Technologies is a U.S.-based nearshore software development partner combining local solutions practices with the affordability and scale of nearshore outsourcing. Built from the ground up, the company’s Latin American teams have a 98.5% retention rate and is headquartered in Atlanta with a network of eight offices across six countries. The firm now has more than 200 employees.

Under Powell’s leadership, HatchWorks has not only become a beacon in the technology industry, but also a pillar in the community, said his staff. “His approach combines rigorous professional standards with a genuine commitment to social good and his leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in transparency and inclusivity,” they said.

This is evident in initiatives like the HatchHuddle, a monthly all-hands meeting that promotes transparency, alignment and connection across the company and initiatives to foster a high-performance culture while maintaining a team-oriented atmosphere. Powell also founded the HatchFutures foundation to address the growing disparities in income and education particularly in the United States and Latin America.

Powell’s entrepreneurial acumen has positioned HatchWorks as a rapidly growing entity in the tech sector, earning recognition from prestigious platforms including Inc. Magazine. Powell was also recognized as the Nearshore Entrepreneur of the Year.

Empathy is at the core of who Powell is as a leader. “In a world rife with complexities and challenges, recognizing and valuing our employees as people first is crucial,” he said. “This human-centric approach not only fosters a supportive and understanding work environment but also drives meaningful connections and a sense of belonging with the team.”

As a leader, Powell said he must always remain agile. “The rapid pace of innovation in our time demands a commitment to continuous learning,” he said. “This not only involves embracing new technologies and methodologies, but also understanding evolving market trends and customer needs.”

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Did you know?

I believe my secret superpower in leadership is my ability to be relatable and approachable to every member of our team, regardless of their role or title. This stems from a fundamental belief that leadership is not about hierarchy or status, but about being a part of the team, sharing in the challenges and triumphs alike.

One of my core practices is never asking anyone to undertake a task that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. This approach not only fosters a sense of mutual respect and solidarity but also demonstrates my commitment to the team and the goals we’re striving to achieve. It breaks down barriers between different levels of the organization and cultivates an environment of trust and collaboration.

Equally important is my dedication to treating everyone with the same level of respect and consideration. I make it a priority to meet with every new team member, regardless of their position. This personal touch helps in building a connection right from the start, letting them know that they are a valued part of the team and that my door is always open for dialogue, ideas, or concerns.

As HatchWorks grows, I strive to maintain this approach. I believe that staying grounded and accessible, irrespective of our size, is crucial. It ensures that every team member feels heard and appreciated, which in turn fosters a positive and productive work environment.

In essence, my superpower lies in leading by example, staying grounded, and ensuring that every team member knows they are an integral part of our journey. This not only enhances our collective work but also reinforces a culture where everyone can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.


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