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Alicia Hughes W.s. Nielsen Co. Inc

Alicia Hughes


W.S. Nielsen Co. Inc.

Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 1980

Industry: Construction

According to Alicia Hughes, president of W.S. Nielsen Co. Inc., leadership is about continued growth. “My biggest lesson is to never stop networking,” she said. “Our relationships will open doors in our business and personal lives more than any transaction and networking plays a pivotal role in leadership by offering opportunities for growth, learning and collaboration.”

As a second-year Titan 100, Hughes has found that building a strong network has allowed her to gain diverse perspectives, stay updated on industry trends and access valuable resources for the company. W.S. Nielsen Company is both a manufacturer’s representative of specialty architectural products and a highly skilled installation contractor.

In the past year, Hughes said the continued growth of the company and strengthened culture has been just a few of her greatest accomplishments. “We’ve focused on understanding that we need to continue to navigate the market and where the construction industry is heading,” said Hughes. “We have also strengthened our culture to ensure our employees feel that they are a valued part of this team.”

As pioneers in the construction industry, Hughes and her team believe in paving the way with words, action and leadership in the encouragement of the trades. “Encouraging youth to consider skilled labor as a viable and rewarding career involves highlighting the benefits like job security, diverse opportunities for growth and the ability to contribute tangibly to society,” she said. “Offering apprenticeships, educational programs and mentorship opportunities can showcase the value and pride in mastering a skilled trade, fostering interest and enthusiasm among the younger generation.”

This willingness to inspire others is a key part of Hughes’ leadership style. Each team member picks an organization that means something to them for a service day per quarter. “We, as a company, continue to encourage service above self,” said Hughes. “It is important to us for our team to work hands on and side by side to give back to the community and around the state.”

Looking forward, Hughes said that the construction industry is anticipated to continue facing challenges like supply chain disruptions, material shortages and labor issues over the next year. “Embracing technology, streamlining processes and focusing on sustainability are key strategies for success in navigating these hurdles,” she said. “Collaboration with suppliers and adapting to changing regulations will also be crucial.”

Navigating change is a key element of Hughes’ leadership style. “Leaders who can navigate change, connect with diverse teams, communicate a clear vision, drive innovation and prioritize sustainable practices tend to excel in today’s dynamic landscape,” she said.

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If I thought I hac a super power I guess it would be that I excel in building meaningful connections and fostering relationships effortlessly. My strength lies in creating genuine rapport and bringing people together, leveraging a natural ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


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