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Adwait Joshi Dataseers

Adwait Joshi

Chief Seer


Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 2017

Industry: Financial Technologies - FinTech

As an immigrant, Adwait Joshi came to the U.S. without any money. He did not want to borrow from his parents, so he built his empire one brick at a time. “Fortune favors the brave, and I feel like I was brave starting my first business in 2008,” Joshi said. He ended up selling that first business and in 2017, launched DataSeers.

DataSeers is a fintech/regtech company that works in the field of financial services, providing software to banks, credit unions and other fintechs. DataSeers’ platform is aimed to help financial institutions catch fraud fast, identify patterns of money laundering and human trafficking by following money.

Since he was named a Titan 100 in 2023, Joshi said the company has doubled its revenue and employee count with plans to do the same this coming year. “Since starting the company, we always dreamt to have 100 employees and this year we achieved it,” he said. “The business world is a marathon – not a sprint, and looking back at 2023, I think we created a solid foundation which we can build on top of and continue to grow toward our goal of eventually doing an IPO.”

On top of continued company growth, Joshi has also continued his commitment to mentoring others. “I want to build a new army of brave business owners, leaders and mentors who fear nothing and are built for the long run,” he said. “By doing this, we would be creating a talent like none other.”

As a leader and a mentor, Joshi’s leadership philosophy is that respect is not demanded; respect is earned. “When people see you are willing to take blame for their mistakes and give them credit for the successes, you will have more successful people that will then be eternally loyal,” he said. “Today, there is a serious lack of middle management professionals which is why you see a big hole in leadership ladders. I always tell people that I cannot wait for the day when someone steps up to take my job over – that’s leadership.”

Joshi credits his participation in the Titan 100 program for his motivation this year. “The Titan recognition has motivated me to do more,” he said. “A lot of work goes unrecognized and gets lost in the rat race; however, the Titan program has been truly unique because it has found the hidden diamonds amongst the coal mines and given them a platform and opportunity to be proud about their achievements.”

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