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Thomas Kehoe

Founder & President

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 1996
Industry Group Specific: Event Production

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Thomas Kehoe’s passion for flowers and events blossomed from a young age, nurtured by his parents who allowed him the creative freedom to redecorate their house using vibrant colors. Throughout high school, Kehoe worked at a flower shop, eventually buying the business in the suburbs and renaming it KEHOE DESIGNS. The business thrived, catering to an increasing number of wedding clients and expanding operations into the city.

“Tom would gain inspiration by glimpsing inside ballrooms and brainstorming new design ideas,” said his staff. Gradually, the company built up its inventory and capabilities, meeting the diverse needs of its client and becoming a prominent player in the industry.

KEHOE DESIGNS is a nationally recognized company elevating the standard of excellence in event décor for more than 27 years. From transforming contemporary design into legendary events to driving brand campaigns and creating one-of-a-kind weddings, the company develops high style concepts that are authentic and captivating.

When the pandemic hit, Kehoe faced the challenge of ensuring the survival of his business and supporting the 200+ families working for him. As a result, he launched the Green Market Garden, a pop-up garden concept that featured outdoor dining restaurants, as well as the sale of plants, floral arrangements and holiday trees. Moving forward, KEHOE DESIGNS plans to establish two new venues and enhance custom builds capacity through advanced technology and machinery.

In addition, the company is creating a hospitality design division with successful completions of seven restaurant designs while incorporating eco-friendly elements into events. “By committing to social responsibility, we will collaborate with local communities and charitable organizations, allowing us to make positive contributions when delivering exceptional events,” said Kehoe. “Our aim is to have a meaningful impact on society while driving growth in our industry.”

Kehoe’s efforts have garnered him and the company many accolades. He has been featured in various articles, invited as a guest speaker to share his entrepreneurial story and has received numerous design awards. “However, what truly brings Tom pride is the progress of his company and the incredible team behind it,” said his staff. “Tom’s greatest source of pride is witnessing the growth and development of his employees, as they continuously surpass their own expectations.”

According to Kehoe, finding a balance while surrounding yourself with empowering people is the key to success. “Surround yourself with a team that you trust, that is strong where you are weak and that will challenge you to be your best self,” he said. “And, balance life – don’t work your life away.”

For continuing to foster his passion for design while mentoring others, Kehoe has been named a titan.

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Tom's passion and vision for event design!

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