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Dr. Aidan Mouat

Hazel Technologies, Inc.

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 2015
Industry Group Specific: Postharvest Agriculture

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Aidan Mouat’s entrepreneurial story derives from direct education leading to an invention and innovation basis outside of the ordinary. Dr. Mouat became a PhD level chemist who began the invention and testing of a 1-methylcyclopropene delivery technology to increase control of agricultural processes and products overall. He assisted with multiple forms of product development, published articles and patents about the science around agriculture and dominated in the raising of investments.

Ultimately, as one of the five original founders of Hazel Technologies, Inc., he continues to harness his history of chemical innovation and direction of science and research to continue to propel the company forward.

Hazel Technologies was born from, built and grew based on agricultural innovation. This includes the protection of agricultural products that are delicious and nutritious for consumers with a reduced cost to the planet and potential increases and improvements on shelf life of consumable agricultural products, mostly in the fruit and vegetable categories, initially for growers and providers and ultimately, for the consumers.

“Hazel Technologies is based entirely on a single context: the use of science can extend the life of freshness of agricultural products,” said Mouat. “For that, we have invented multiple categories of products, performed a tremendous amount of data studies on site and off site all over the planet, developed sales with growers and providers at every level of industry and raised our own capital for extending, improving and increasing results of the process.”

Over time, earnings at Hazel have increased along with the active numbers of suppliers and customers. The company is increasing at the rate and size of product sales and application in South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and all across south and east Asia. Under Mouat’s leadership, the company has achieved nearly $50 million in revenue since its development of products and sales overall and raised approximately $110 million in funds over a decade. Since founding, the company has hired 125 employees in multiple countries.

“At the very beginning stages of company development, I personally traveled to and visited the farms, warehouses, trucking facilities, markets and grocery stores of potential clients to better understand their needs and diversity,” said Mouat.

According to his colleagues, Dr. Mouat is an unbelievably well-educated, well-trained man. “He has learned much and knows there is much to learn from the entire world, and to teach to the entire world as he does so,” they said. “He is an able leader and business executive in addition.”

For striving to positively impact the agricultural industry through innovation, Mouat has been named a titan.

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