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Tim Schumm

Founder & President

Lucas James Talent Partners

Location: DuPage County

Founded: 2018

Industry: Professional Services - Staffing

Tim Schumm has always been entrepreneurial. Whether he was starting a lawn care business in middle school, a t-shirt company in college or starting a new business line with an existing multi-billion dollar organization, Schumm was and is motivated. After spending a decade working at one of the largest staffing firms in the country, Schumm realized that all staffing firms operate in the same way.

He set out to provide an alternative solution, which led to the launch of his own firm. Lucas James Talent Partners is a more efficient and cost-effective recruiting solution in the staffing industry with a mission to provide on-demand, dedicated recruiting services for the bandwidth companies need.

Using a service model that saves the customer more than 50 percent on fees and provides 100 percent dedicated service in a flexible scale-up/down, turn on/off model, proved to be the business model that would ultimately attract strategic advisors and individuals building $100 million businesses in the $160 billion industry.

Under Schumm’s leadership, the firm has navigated challenges with success. “When many local recruiting firms were closing shop in 2020, he led the 18-month old business through a difficult external environment and capitalized on the following two years to grow into an industry leader in a short period of time” said his colleagues. “Tim’s not afraid to go against the grain.”

That includes operating a 100% remote model in an industry that typically requires 100% office presence, providing a unique alternative to the “traditional” way the industry operates and leading the team in an authentic and transparent way that provides a breath of fresh air to burnt out recruiters in a demanding industry.

“Tim has the ability to attract people to the firm that will continue to grow our firm into perpetuity and make decisions during good or tough times to ensure the firm is thriving,” said his staff. As a result, the company has been recognized as an Inc. Best Place to Work for 2022 and 2023 and an Inc 5000 company.

“Tim is a frequent thought leader in the staffing industry and often looked to for advice and knowledge on topics related to labor market trends, the economy, entrepreneurship and leadership,” said his staff. Schumm hosts his own podcast, Fireside: Chicago, and serves as a guest speaker and panelist for several organizations. Prior to launching Lucas James Talent Partners, Schumm was the No. 1 salesperson out of over 2,000 salespeople at a multi-billion dollar company and was named to Crains 40 Under 40 list.

For his influence in the industry and quest to share his entrepreneurial spirit, Schumm has been named a titan.

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What is your superpower?

My secret superpower is the ability to take complex scenarios with multiple, overlaying, variables and create a simple solution that’s easily digestible for all parties involved – as well as the ability to clearly articulate the strategy to all parties. In Recruiting, you’re dealing with people. People are complex. They have varying incentives, wants, needs, skills, strengths, and areas of improvement. There’s typically multiple people involved in every scenario. My role as a leader is to impact people’s Monday thru Friday’s via creating strategy, process, training, and development at scale and I’m constantly working to get better at this.


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