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Robert Nogaj

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Engineering

Location: Bureau County

Founded: 1944

Industry: Bulk Material Handling

With a tenure of 30 years at Martin Engineering, Robert Nogaj began his career as an OEM technical sales engineer, quickly moving into roles as a managing director of the European subsidiary, OEM division manager, vice president, VP of operations and ultimately CEO.

Martin Engineering is dedicated to achieving excellence and fostering meaningful partnerships with mines and processing plants. The firm’s training approach, along with safety-focused resources, provides operators with the best practices needed to optimize their systems confidently.

During his tenure, Nogaj has made his mark at the company, spearheading the globalization of manufacturing sites, launching Martin China and establishing start-up adventures in Australia. In addition, his belief in education led him to champion local FIRST Robotics teams, fostering collaboration with seven local high schools under Martin Motion and carving out the company’s mission, vision and values with a central tenet that “Everybody Matters.”

Drawing back from when his family made the brave decision to immigrate from Poland, Nogaj, 16, recognized the sacrifices his parents made for a brighter future. This spurred a deep-seated commitment in him to not only honor their sacrifice but to also uplift others.

“Robert is a beacon of trust, transparency and integrity,” said his colleagues. He introduced the “Listen Like a Leader” program at Martin, emphasizing the importance of empathetic communication and reinforcing the company’s commitment to its core values. His Pay It Forward campaign exemplifies the company’s values in action, encouraging employees to give back to local communities.

“Robert’s mentorship at Martin Engineering stands testament to his empathetic leadership style,” said his staff. “His distinct ability to instill a company culture centered on human values is unparalleled.”

Within a span of six years as CEO, Nogaj spearheaded the transformation of the global organization from a hierarchical structure to a family-oriented, people-centric model. As a result, the company fostered a nurturing environment while witnessing an 80 percent rise in sales, a 300 percent increase in net income and unprecedented efficiency metrics in lead time and on-time delivery.

“Stepping into the workplace each day, I’m not merely there for a paycheck; I’m immersing myself in a dynamic environment where the growth and success of my colleagues profoundly influences my own drive and determination,” said Nogaj. “In essence, my colleagues’ trajectories of success are not mere motivational tales; they serve as catalysts, driving all of us to commit to excellence, challenge our limits and contribute more profoundly to our shared vision.”

For embracing an empathetic leadership style while motivating others, Nogaj has been named a titan.

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