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Robert H. Marshall Jr.

Founder & CEO

I Am Man, Inc.

Location: Lake County

Founded: 2019

Industry: Healthcare - Social Services

During his formative years, rooted in a neighborhood grappling with multifarious challenges, Robert H. Marshall, Jr., was granted a firsthand perspective on the adversities faced by many young men, particularly those of color. It prompted him to immerse himself in mentoring programs and community outreach initiatives during his college years.

“It was during this time that Robert had a profound epiphany: that providing guidance, education and mentorship to young men could shatter the shackles of adversity and illuminate pathways to success,” said his staff. “This epiphany became the catalyst for Robert’s remarkable entrepreneurial journey that lies in the founding of I Am Man, Inc.”

I Am Man, Inc. is a resource hub for men who are navigating the various phases of life and manhood. The organization advocates, educates, coaches and empowers men on how to redefine their narratives by taking back their power to choose whom they desire to be. I Am Man, Inc. provides the space and roadmap for them to reclaim their authentic manhood and masculinity while providing resources that enable them to become whole contributors to their families and communities.

“We aim to build a workforce that’s not just prepared for the future but can also shape it,” said Marshall. “The focus is not just on hard skills but also on fostering a culture of empathy, creativity and lifelong learning, all crucial for addressing the intricate issues men face today.”

Over the last three years, I Am Man, Inc. has experienced exponential growth, evolving from a modest grassroots initiative into a pioneering force in men’s mental and emotional health. Initially focused on serving small urban communities, the organization has since expanded its reach to serve thousands of boys and men worldwide. I Am Man, Inc. collaborates with local schools, social service agencies, religious organizations and businesses to identify men who need services and leverages social media and SEO strategies to reach a larger online audience.

“Recognizing the unique challenges faced by different demographics, we introduced specialized programs targeting issues such as incarceration, sexual trauma and fatherlessness which led to a 40 percent increase in program participation,” said Marshall.

As a leader, Marshall said it bolsters his conviction to lead from the future. “I hold an unwavering vision of what can be, and I won’t stop until what I see in my head manifests before my eyes,” he said. “It’s this blend of empathy and resilience that gives me the strength to move toward that future, irrespective of the hurdles along the way.”

For his commitment to uplifting men throughout the Chicago community, Marshall has been named a Titan 100.

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What is your superpower?

In a world that often celebrates the flamboyant and overtly extraordinary, my secret superpower might appear unassuming at first glance. Yet, it’s this very quality that fuels my mission and gives life to my role as a leader at I Am Man, Inc. My secret superpower is a unique blend of empathy and resilience, a potent alchemy that turns adversity into advocacy and pain into purpose.


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