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Paul Pavia


Commercial Tire Service

Location: Cook County

Founded: 1989

Industry: Transportation, Manufacturing

Paul Pavia started working at 10 years old, helping his father who was a local farmer, cutting and baling alfalfa. His relentless work ethic was a driving force when he started out as a salesman in a family-owned tire business and now serves as Commercial Tire Services’ president.

“Paul’s work ethic inspires those around him, setting a standard of excellence that has become synonymous with his company,” said his staff. With decades in the industry, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, insights and a deep understanding of the complexities of running a tire business.”

Since 1989, truck operators and fleet managers have chosen Commercial Tire Services for the best in customer service, tire selection and tire service. The company stocks passenger tires for light trucks, SUVs and cars with an experienced fleet of 30+ service trucks to service consumers on site or at their facility.

Under Pavia’s leadership, Commercial Tire Services started opening new locations, expanding its reach across Chicago. Today, the company has become Chicagoland’s largest independent Goodyear dealer. In fact, one of Pavia’s most significant achievements has been his role as a Goodyear Commercial Advisory Board Member. This appointment reflects his expertise and the high regard he holds in the industry and by fostering collaboration between Goodyear and its dealers, has contributed to the growth and success of the company.

Despite the company’s growth and expansion, Pavia takes pride in maintaining the firm as a family-owned business. “This accomplishment is a testament to his commitment to preserving the company’s heritage and treating employees as part of the extended family,” said his staff. “This approach fosters loyalty and dedication among the staff, contributing significantly to the company’s enduring success.”

Over the next five years, Pavia envisions a future where his family members, who have been integral to the company’s journey, step into even more prominent leadership roles. “It is a natural progression that reflects our commitment to preserving the values and traditions that have defined our success,” he said. In addition, he plans to open two new locations in the current market and expand to new territories, including Wisconsin and Northern Indiana.

An advocate for embracing change, Pavia said that growth and success often walk hand in hand with risk and the possibility of failure. “Don’t let the fear of stumbling hold you back,” he said. “Instead, view every risk as an opportunity for growth, learning and ultimately, a chance to achieve greater heights.”

For his willingness to take risks and leading by example, Pavia has been named a titan.

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What is your superpower?

My superpower lies in embracing the role of the underdog and thriving in the face of competition against companies much larger than Commercial Tire Services. This innate ability fuels my passion and determination.
The strength of this superpower is twofold. Firstly, it instilled an unyielding spirit to defy the odds and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible for our company. The drive to compete against larger, more established organizations is a powerful motivator, propelling me to think innovatively, strategize effectively, and execute precisely.
Secondly, this superpower allows me to see opportunities where others might see only challenges. It empowers me to leverage our agility, adaptability, and the personal touch of being a smaller entity. These attributes enable us to provide exceptional service, foster strong customer relationships, and be more responsive to market changes.
My superpower of embracing the underdog status and thriving in competition against industry giants is a source of inspiration, resilience, and innovation. It drives Commercial Tire Services to excel and exemplifies the strength that comes from determination, adaptability, and the will to succeed in the face of adversity.


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