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Pat Tierney


Apex Beverage Equipment Distribution Group, LLC

Location: DuPage County

Founded: 2008

Industry: Food & Beverage - Equipment

As a former athlete, Pat Tierney loves to compete. He brings this competitive nature and strength to his role as a partner of APEX. “I bring this level of work ethic from my youth to my business practice today,” he said. “I believe a titan is a natural born leader who leads a team by example.”

That’s why Tierney has a business philosophy to never ask an employee to do something he wouldn’t do. “It’s this simple business ethic that is the reason my core staff has worked alongside me for over 30 years,” said Tierney. “I hope that my example is something that my staff as well as my children will look to as a positive example when they forge their future paths.”

His path began at the Coca-Cola Company in the fountain division before he was recruited to work for a fountain beverage equipment distribution company. Tierney and his current business partner were pivotal in the growth of the company and as a result, the company was acquired by a large, publicly traded company. The same success occurred in his next role before another company was acquired.

“After building two successful businesses owned by others, my business partner and I decided it was time to control our own destiny,” said Tierney. And, APEX was born. APEX Beverage Equipment Distribution Group, LLC, is a nationally recognized beverage equipment distribution company proud to represent the finest beverage dispensing equipment, parts and accessories available in the industry.

Under Tierney’s leadership, APEX weathered the storm of the economy crash in 2008, grew year after year, absorbed another distribution business and has retained the original team of industry veterans hired once the company launched.

“The fact that our APEX team members have significant tenure with our company speaks volumes,” said Tierney. “Our goal is to maintain and foster a culture that collaborates while maximizing individual staff members’ skill sets.”

While leading APEX, Tierney said that the customers continue to be the cornerstone of the business’ success. “While I will continue to remain flexible and creative in my business leadership skills, I take pride in the fact that my customers will tell you that I am a good listener, that I strive to acknowledge what they are communicating and that I empathize with them by always remaining present while I explore options to best meet their daily needs,” he said. “The ability to recognize the need to creatively differentiate has also uniquely set APEX apart from other like distribution companies.”

For his commitment to empowering his staff while offering an empathetic ear to his customers, Tierney has been named a titan.

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