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Michael Moreno

Co-Owner & Owner & President

Moreno's Liquors/Osito's Tap/MM Imports

Location: Cook County

Industry: Liquor

Michael Moreno’s entrepreneurship started when he was only 8. “My first endeavor was purchasing perfume bottles and diluting them down with water into smaller vials to sell at school along with a collection of stickers I purchased,” he said. By 12, he began selling lemonade with the sponsorship support of Country Time Lemonade.

“I had been groomed since I was a child to become an entrepreneur with the guidance of my family,” said Moreno. After taking business management and economic classes, graduating from college and completing an internship at Wirtz Beverage and City Beverage, he said it was a conscious effort to learn the ins and outs of the liquor industry.

After launching MM Imports, he slowly ascended the ranks at Moreno’s Liquor after winning his father’s trust. He now serves as the president of three businesses in Chicago in the liquor industry.

Moreno’s Liquor has a mission to bring only the finest and best priced liquors to the consumer with a belief that the customer knows best. Osito’s Tap is a speakeasy-inspired bar highlighting the art of craft spirits, beer and cocktails that bring a modern Latinx flair to a classic Chicago era. MM Imports provides the best form of online marketing for businesses striving to stay ahead of the curve in the liquor market.

“With a lifetime of work in the liquor industry and a wealth of knowledge garnered from my father who has always been my mentor, I have accomplished great heights in a very short period of time,” said Moreno. “Knowing that nothing in this world is accomplished on your own is the most important part of being a good leader.”

Under Moreno’s leadership, he as adapted to how the world is moving online by upgrading POS systems to handle inventory and depletion reports, recognizing that 25 percent of sales will derive from online sales by 2026. He has also implemented educational seminars and provides artisanal spirits for consumers to try and learn about at Osito’s Tap.

“My visionary mindset has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve by identifying market trends and adapting my businesses accordingly throughout the hallmark of my career,” he said. “Success comes when one learns that to be successful in their career they can’t wish to be like others, but rather separate from the pack with unique style and ingenuity.”

For his visionary spirit and passion for the liquor industry, Moreno has been named a titan.

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What is your superpower?

My secret superpower is my visionary mindset. I can foresee market trends and adapt my businesses accordingly, staying ahead of the competition. My leadership skills create a positive work environment, fostering productivity and customer satisfaction. My deep passion for the liquor industry gives me the energy to overcome challenges and pursue excellence relentlessly. I’m not afraid to embrace change when needed, which keeps my businesses agile. Building strong relationships, bouncing back from setbacks, and mentoring others also contribute to my success. Overall, my ability to innovate and adapt in the business world is my superpower.


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