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Michael Mete

Managing Partner

Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2015

Industry: Professional Services- Technology and Staffing Consulting

Michael Mete embarked on his professional journey in the realm of consulting, initially assuming a role in help desk support. His acumen and determination propelled him swiftly through the ranks and he emerged as a highly sought-after professional in the business optimization landscape.

“Throughout this period, Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit burned bright, pushing him toward realizing his true calling as a business owner and innovator,” said his colleagues. In late 2014, Mete joined forces with a partnership to form Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC, setting the stage for a new chapter as an entrepreneur.

Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC (PSM) is a Chicago-based technology consulting and talent sourcing firm. The company specializes in supporting the IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and IT project needs of small and midsized companies while helping companies of all sizes to fulfill their most critical talent sourcing initiatives.

The firm’s journey has been marked by impressive growth, averaging 35 percent year-over-year since its inception. In the last three years, the company’s focus has shifted toward expanding the business beyond the initial partner-selling model, which involved hiring dedicated sales and marketing teams and establishing valuable business partnerships, including a notable one with Microsoft.

Under Mete’s leadership, the firm has gained placement on the INC 5000 list for three consecutive years and has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

“Mike Mete stands as an epitome of brilliance and leadership within the realm of information technology,” said his colleagues. “Beyond his technical prowess, what truly sets Mike apart is his deep-rooted commitment to integrity and fairness and these principles serve as the bedrock of his interactions with clients and team members alike.”

According to Mete, he enjoys all aspects of business, but his passion is strategy and planning. “Developing plans, presenting, collaborating on them and refining them gets me jumping out of bed in the morning,” he said. “I am laser focused on being a good partner to our clients and a good employer.”

Mete’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that every client deserves a tailored and personalized approach. “He recognizes the uniqueness of each customer environment and appreciates the diversity of their needs,” said his colleagues. “This approach underscores his understanding of the intricacies of client needs and his commitment to delivering solutions that are not just technically sound but also resonate with the specific requirements of each client.”

For his unwavering commitment to fostering growth in the IT industry, Mete has been named a titan.

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I have a good sense of where I want this to go and how to get there. I’m also laser focused an being a good partner to our clients and a good employer. My partner Dave and I share those same traits which makes our lives fun.


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