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Matthew Reilein - National Equity Fund - 2024

Matthew Reilein

President & CEO

National Equity Fund

Location: Cook County

Founded: 1987

Industry: Affordable Housing Finance

National Equity Fund has been at the forefront of affordable housing for nearly four decades. When Matthew Reilein joined the organization as president and CEO, he said it was a dream that came true after focusing his professional career at the intersection of structured finance, policy and trying to make the world a bit better than how he found it.

“What I have brought to the organization is an expanded view on how we execute on our mission,” said Reilein.

National Equity Fund (NEF) is a leading non-profit, multi-family, affordable, real estate investment manager with a to create and deliver innovative, collaborative financial solutions to expand the creation and preservation of affordable housing. With its Low-Income Housing Tax Credit syndication platform and its lending and investing platforms, the firm generates opportunities rooted in its vision that all individuals and families across the country have access to stable, safe and affordable homes that provide a foundation for them to reach their full potential.

Since founded in 1987, NEF has invested more than $22.7 billion, which represents 231,500 new affordable homes for individuals, families and communities in need across the country. The firm is Chicago-based and has donated more than $225 million in grants to support its affiliate LISC’s nationwide community development work.

Since joining NEF as the president and CEO in 2019, Reilein has significantly grown the company’s production every year despite having to navigate the immense complexities of three years of COVID and its ongoing effects. “He has been relentless in his commitment to supporting families, individuals and communities to build better futures,” said his staff.

Reilein’s work began with working with the Board of Directions and leadership team to implement a strategic plan for the company to become a North Star in how to guide business decisions in service of the mission and vision. Under Reilein’s leadership, NEF ended 2022 with $1.23 billion in LIHTC equity, $804 million in Preservation equity and $75 million in a new workforce housing/debt equity program for a total production of $2.11 billion.

“Matt is finding new ways to leverage NEF’s financial strength, track its record of success and deepen relationships to make a difference,” said his colleagues. “Thanks to his continued commitment to investing people and resources, NEF has been named a Best and Brightest Company to Work for in Chicago for three years and in the nation for two years.”

For his commitment to his staff, the community and the affordable housing industry, Reilein has been named a titan.

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