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Kevin Kearns

Chief Revenue Officer

Hotel Engine

Location: Lake County

Founded: 2015

Industry: Software - Corporate Lodging/Hotel Booking Platform

Kevin Kearns is an accomplished senior revenue leader with a strong track record of successfully scaling technology businesses. Prior to joining Hotel Engine as the chief revenue officer, he held leadership positions in sales, marketing and operations with high-growth companies.

“Kevin has jumped right in and intends to focus on implementing cross-departmental consistency, improving the team’s productivity and taking advantage of new market opportunities,” said his colleagues. “He’ll draw from his multi-functional expertise in sales, customer success, operations and marketing to drive optimizations across the organization.”

Hotel Engine is one of the world’s fast-growing hotel booking engines, allowing its customers the ability to centralize their lodging needs on one platform, from sourcing and negotiation to booking and reconciliation, providing significant savings and 24/7 customer support on a no-contact platform. Its double-sided marketplace connects 40,000 member companies to a growing portfolio of 700,000+ global partner hotels to create a smarter and more rewarding business travel network.

In 2022, Hotel Engine more than doubled its bookings on its platform in the first half of the year. The significant growth builds on the company’s Q1 2022 momentum, which also saw triple-digit growth. In the next five years, the firm is focused on expanding its footprint internationally and expanding to new verticals, including associations and franchises, sports and entertainment and nonprofits. The goal is to directly monetize hotel partners while strengthening the core growth flywheel, said Kearns.

As a leader, Kearns said that there are important keys to success that drive his passion. “First, getting the best people on the team starts with leadership and you must develop your people to gain success,” he said. “We build a culture of performance, listen, communicate with transparency and set the tone.”

According to Kearns, his high energy demeanor is also a key part of his leadership style. “I have a natural high energy demeanor and letting the team see this creates energy across the team,” he said. “I work hard and have fun and teams can see it clearly and emulate.”

His primary focus is to build a culture of performance, said his staff. “He regularly recognizes his team’s wins and gives transparent praise to high performers,” they said. “He continues to develop his people and puts in the effort to train his team, which he has found is key to success and employee satisfaction.”

Representing the true characteristics of a titan, Kearns has been named a Titan 100.

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My secret superpower is balancing sales process / operations and sales skills. Many sales leaders tend to gravitate toward one or the other, but the key is to do both well. Sales leaders today need to create leverage within their sales teams (efficiency) and be really good in front of the customer (effectiveness).


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