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Kathryn Janicek

Founder & CEO

Janicek Performance Group

Location: Lake County

Founded: 2014

Industry: Communications and Media Consulting

Kathryn Janicek thought she would work in the news biz her entire life, but at 37, after several years as a spokesperson and 20 years as a journalist coaching anchors and reporters, she was laid off from a network. The three-time Emmy award winner had given her life to and hired and trained 60+ professionals from all over the world.

“Without knowing much about how to start a company, I opened our consulting firm,” said Janicek. “Thankfully, I had the respect of many who referred business to me, and I was off and running.” Eight years later, the firm manages $1 million in revenue and is experiencing significant growth and additional offerings to its client base.

Kathryn Janicek Productions combines executive public speaking training, media coaching, personal/professional image coaching and branding, executive presence training and impactful messaging training with executive wellness coaching to help leaders increase their bottom line, retain employees and attract more high-level applicants, donors and investors.

Recently, the company has launched new initiatives, such as the “Have Your Voices Heard” program. This program is designed to empower women in healthcare and related sciences. “Through this initiative, we are fostering leadership skills, enhancing public speaking abilities and providing a supportive network for skill development,” said Janicek.

The firm has also ramped up video marketing efforts to create engaging content that resonated with its primary audience and identified a demand for broader training programs beyond the C-suite level, using AI solutions to enhance coaching methodologies. The coaching team both in-house and geographically was another vital step for growth. Kathryn Janicek Productions now has coaches from Detroit, Nashville, Chicago and California offering diverse perspectives to its clients.

“We are embracing a dynamic and innovative approach that focuses on both technological advancement and empowering our workforce with essential skills,” said Janicek. “In my journey as CEO, my focus has always been on creating a nurturing environment.”

This nurturing environment includes covering 100 percent of the team’s healthcare costs and providing maternity leave.

“My passion lies in making a positive impact, not just within our company, but also in encouraging other businesses to embrace similar approaches,” said Janicek. “By sharing these experiences, I aim to inspire a culture of care, empathy and support where every voice is valued, and everyone can thrive.

For sharing her expertise, empowering others and leading by example, Janicek has been named a titan.

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What is your superpower?

My secret superpower is adaptability, a skill honed through moving and changing environments. Growing up, I attended five different elementary and three high schools, six other states, and major cities during my career. This constant change taught me how to adapt my communication style to fit any group. It’s not just about surviving in new situations; it’s about thriving.


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