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Josh Weinberg

Chief Executive Officer

Weinberg Choi Realty, Inc.

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2007

Industry: Residential Real Estate

As soon as Josh Weinberg met his business partner, Tommy Choi, in college, he knew they were going to go into business together because their values aligned and they shared a passion for positively impacting other people’s lives and the community. After college, Weinberg worked for one of the largest homebuilders in the world and started building a real estate business on the side with Choi. Inspired by his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Weinberg said that the timing was challenging because the most challenging real estate market was upon them in 2007.

“At the time, I was an eager 25-year-old and we made the decision to bootstrap the company,” said Weinberg. “Our focus then and now was meeting as many people as possible and developing real authentic relationships with them.”

In hindsight, starting a company at that time was one of the best decision Weinberg said he could have made because he learned quickly how important it is to hear “no.”

“This taught me grit and perseverance, always keeping an abundance mindset,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg Choi Realty, Inc. is a residential real estate brokerage, working with clients to buy, sell, invest and rent residential real estate. The company’s mission is to build legacies for clients, the team, friends and family through delivering and supporting their perfect real estate experience.

Under Weinberg’s leadership, the company has seen 50 percent growth in sales volume over the past three years with more than $100 million in real estate production annually and has grown the company from two to 17 employees. The firm has been recognized with the Chicago Association of Realtors Top Producer Platinum Award, Team of the Year, Who’s Who in Real Estate and featured on House Hunters multiple times.

“I never take any of these awards for granted because none of this is a given,” said Weinberg. “I recognize that our consistent hard work and commitment is essential to achieving these amazing results.”

What Weinberg is most proud of is the 365 Days of Giving Initiative, which is the charitable arm of Weinberg Choi Realty. Throughout the year, the firm supports charitable organizations by raising money, raising awareness and giving back in different ways.

As a leader, Weinberg said that he is only as strong as the team that he surrounds himself with on a daily basis. “It’s crystal clear to me the importance of surrounding myself with people who are amazing human beings, passionate about their careers and who love what they’re doing,” he said.

For his success as a bootstrapper and his impact on the Chicagoland community, Weinberg has been named a titan.

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Building and deepening authentic relationships. My relationships are built on the foundation of trust, honesty, and having the desire and ability to see others succeed and become the best versions of themselves.


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