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Jeanette Chavarria Torres


DCH Construction & Hauling, LLC

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2014

Industry: Construction, Hauling

Jeanette Chavarria Torres’ entrepreneurial journey began at 10 when she would help her Mexican immigrant father translate business paperwork for his trucking company. Unfortunately, during the recession, one of his biggest customers filed for bankruptcy, which caused him to lose everything he had built. “We lost the business and even our home,” said Chavarria Torres. “I had never seen him so sad as that day and that’s when I realized I had developed a passion for trucking.”

When she was a senior in high school, Chavarria Torres told her dad she wanted to open the trucking business again and her father said he would only help if she went to college. She did and in her junior year, she incorporated DCH Construction & Hauling, LLC, and has never looked back.

DCH Construction & Hauling, LLC, has a mission to provide public and private clients quality and reliable delivery of bulk materials, onsite earthmoving and paving.

“I resurrected my father’s company from bankruptcy, relaunched it as my own and grew it to a level beyond what either of us imagined was possible,” said Chavarria Torres. In her first three years as CEO, the company’s revenue doubled and broke the $1 million mark in 2017. The company is currently at $5 million gross revenues and counting.

“I am a young female leader in a male-dominated industry,” said Chavarria Torres. “I have earned every single one of my clients by knocking on their doors and asking for an opportunity.” Her efforts have landed her professional success and accolades such as the title of IDOT DBE of the Year, HACIA Contractor of the Year and one of Crain’s Chicago 20 in their 20s.

“I strongly feel that it is now our turn as young entrepreneurs in construction to build upon previous legacies and continue rebuilding the state’s infrastructure, helping the Illinois economy grow and by providing good paying jobs and greater business opportunities for all of our communities,” said Chavarria Torres.

Looking toward the future, Chavarria Torres said she is projecting to double gross revenue and expand the staff. “I am proud that DCH’s staff is currently 40 percent women and 90 percent Hispanic,” she said. “As we grow, I plan to prioritize hiring up to five female Hispanic truck drivers and continue to only hire DBE/MBE/WBE certified trucking firms while advocating for smaller construction trucking firms.”

Chavarria Torres’ imitative, passion and sense of empowerment has landed her the title of a titan.

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