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Jay Banninger


Apex Beverage Equipment Distribution Group LLC

Location: DuPage County

Founded: 2008

Industry: Food & Beverage - Equipment

The spark of Jay Banninger’s path toward entrepreneurship wasn’t initially a deliberate intention, but it began when he established a lawn mowing business in his childhood neighborhood. After high school, he had the chance to establish a business focused on servicing soft drink dispensing equipment for Coca-Cola while attending Central Michigan University.

After completing his degree, Banninger sold this venture and struck an agreement with a prominent manufacturer of dispensing equipment and within five years, transformed the company into an enterprise boasting an impressive annual sales figure of over $60 million. In January 2008, Banninger and his partner made the decision to establish a new adventure and Apex Beverage Equipment Distribution LLC was born.

Apex Beverage Equipment Distribution Group LLC, is a nationally recognized beverage equipment distribution company proud to represent the finest beverage dispensing equipment, parts and accessories available in the industry.

“My journey encapsulates an entrepreneurial spirit, resolute leadership and transformative growth,” said Banninger. “The narrative emphasizes an innate ability to lead businesses to success and, most importantly, to promote personal growth that transcends professional accolades, leaving an indelible mark on both industry and self.”

Anyone can be a titan, said Banninger. “It all begins with being fully present, applying core values and approaching each day or task as an opportunity for personal growth and advancement, benefiting not only oneself but everyone around them,” he said. “This, in essence, encapsulates my belief in striving to be the best in any chosen path.”

According to Banninger, what sets Apex apart is that the customer is the sole reason for its existence. The firm uses cutting-edge technology and places exceptional value on its team. “Without collaboration, Apex cannot meet the many needs of the customers while keeping ahead of the ever-changing business climate.”

“Every member of the team comprehends the significance of staying ahead in the realm of technology, even though it can be a challenging endeavor,” said Banninger. While many shy away from change, Apex embraces the idea that change is essential to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Looking forward, he said the only goal that needs to be strived toward is doing a better job today than was done yesterday. “The work we do as a team builds the foundation for tomorrow and the potential for growth is constant, echoing the sentiment that the only limits we encounter are those we impose upon ourselves,” said Banninger. “The opportunities are endless.”

For his willingness to embrace change, dedicate himself to his team and empower others, Banninger has been named a titan.

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