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James Oberman

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Cook County

Founded: 2003

Industry: Financial Technology

James Oberman began working in the payments industry in the late 1980s when small and medium-sized businesses were being set up to accept credit cards electronically. Later, he was steering the growth of a large corporation during the advent of adding debit/ATM cards in the 90s. As his career continued, he oversaw the rapid acceleration of buying online in an e-commerce environment and the more recent set of technology and products that give a customer the ability to pay in person, in a store while mobile or even online.

“Jim Oberman is a titan in the industry because he has always been at the forefront of fast-moving developments,” said his colleagues. With over three decades of experience within the payments industry, Oberman brought his expertise to Payroc in 2015 where he currently serves as the CEO.

Payroc is a high-growth, multi-national payments platform, merchant acquirer and processing powerhouse processing over $80 billion in annual volume for more than 151,000 merchants. Founded in 2003, Payroc offers best-in-class sales enablement and merchant processing technology and enables unified commerce that helps businesses grow faster by delivering proprietary, innovative and full-service solutions together with key card brand network payment sponsorship registrations.

Under Oberman’s leadership, the firm upholds a vision to stand in the middle between the businesses and the consumer and ensure money moves easily and securely. As customer needs change, Payroc seeks to equip business owners of every size to satisfy expectations with easy-to-understand solutions that allow someone to pay at the table, in the aisle, at checkout or even online.

For Oberman, the people he oversees and serves are at the cornerstone of the business. “James Oberman continues to assemble a dedicated team of people and individuals who remain focused on serving the sales partners that set up businesses and then all the employees that serve those businesses,” said his staff. “In a rapidly developing world of technology, he has never lost sight that people do business with people.”

In addition to focusing on people, his efforts extend to the industry and community. Oberman has served on several payments and association and card brand advisory committees and boards, including the Electronic Transaction Association Government Relations and Risk committees and ETA’s Strategic Leadership Forum. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Midwest Acquirers Association for his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

For his dedication to the payments industry and his influential impact on the growth of Payroc, Oberman has been named a titan.

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