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Ignacio Macias Zaldivar - CECOP USA - 2024

Ignacio Macias Zaldivar

Founder & CEO


Location: Cook County

Founded: 2019

Industry: Healthcare

After 17 years as a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry in Spain, Ignacio Macias Zaldivar moved to the U.S. to increase the eyecare industry’s ability to be intimate and build relationships with patients by letting the care professionals outsource business management to his company – CECOP USA. “I wanted to see if I could help optometrists like I helped pharmacists in Spain,” said Macias Zaldivar.

He now serves as the CEO and is helping 2,200 independent eye care professionals that represents 15 percent of the U.S. market to help them perform better while competing with the big eyecare chains. “We have focused on developing innovative solutions to help independent practitioners excel in their field,” said Macias Zaldivar.

CECOP USA has a business model that is centered around fostering the growth and profitability of independent eye care professionals with services tailored to enhance their practice management, procurement processes and overall business capabilities. Within three years, the company has grown 700 percent. In addition, CECOP USA was named the Best Company of the Year in 2022 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and has donated 2,000 glasses to the homeless in the first six months of operating its foundation.

In addition, the firm has thrived on assertive Merger and Acquisition strategies, dovetailed with active business expansion efforts, ultimately offering a significant impact on the company’s growth trajectory.

“I care, first and most important, about helping people to grow, from the doctors and patients to my employees,” said Macias Zaldivar. “When people see you care about them, they want to help you.”

Macias Zaldivar is passionate about helping others thrive. It’s evident in the employee development “Grow With Us” program. This initiative provides the staff with the tools and training they need to advance in their careers, nurture their potential and drive a collective success.

“Work ethics are deeply ingrained in our culture,” said Macias Zaldivar. He regularly presents “Behaving Ethically” workshops and interactive “Ethics in Practice” scenarios while sponsoring a “Hero of the Month” program that honors individuals who exemplify exceptional ethical behavior.

“By walking this path, we not only grow as an organization but also build a community of employees who are equally committed to their personal growth,” said Macias Zaldivar. “These are just some of the best practices that exemplify our Titan-like approach to leadership, caring for our employees, energizing our environment and driving ethical values.”

For his commitment to empowering his staff and serving the eyecare industry, Macias Zaldivar has been named a titan.

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