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Ghia Rossi

Chief Executive Officer - USA

Tradebe Environmental Services

Location: Cook County

Founded: 1984

Industry: Environmental Services

Early in her career, Ghia Rossi was exposed to the industrial waste side of the business while working for Waste Management in Houston, Texas. She took the opportunity to build a technical service center and hired and trained individuals in both state and federal waste regulations. After leading several charges in a variety of positions with the company, Rossi joined Tradebe Environmental Services as the U.S. CEO.

Tradebe is an environmental services company and a leader in the environmental space since 1984. The company was founded with the vision of helping industrial and chemical companies manage the increasing complexity of their waste to protect the human health and the environment. Tradebe manages environmental liabilities in a sustainable manner by creating new raw materials and energy, serving industries from petrochemicals, coatings, automotive, universities and government entities to aerospace and hospitals.

Shortly after joining the company in June 2022, Rossi said she saw tremendous growth opportunities. Under her guidance, the firm organized from one to three business regions to accelerate growth, added new talent and focused on key strategies centered around customers, community and employment engagement. As a result, TradeBe has seen double digit improvement to the bottom line in 2023.

“My vision was focused on profitable growth, telling our story to the local community and stakeholders and employee engagement,” said Rossi. “I love being out in the businesses and in the communities – with my presence, involvement and relationships, I was able to generate a lot of enthusiasm, engagement and loyalty in the business.”

Rossi’s motivation stems from meeting with the leadership team every Monday morning for key updates and to review KPIs. “We win and lose as a team and the team dynamics are incredible,” she said. “I get motivated by the results and wins in the business and this year has been very rewarding because we made so many organizational changes and now, we are seeing the results so quickly translate in the P&L.”

What differentiates Tradebe from others is the ability to provide consultative experience. “I see the customer service team transformed into something a lot more elevated in the future with reps being trained in environmental regulations assisting customers and making it easy to do business with us,” she said.

According to her staff, Rossi’s extensive experience in waste management has been a cornerstone of her career. “Her intricate understanding of regulatory frameworks and industry standards has consistently ensured that her teams operate at the highest level of compliance and safety while driving exceptional results,” they said.

Rossi’s experience and exceptional leadership have landed her a spot as a Titan 100.

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