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Benjamin Phillips

President & COO

RockItCoin, LLC

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2015

Industry: Financial & Blockchain Technology

With a fascination of emerging technologies, Benjamin Phillips began his career on Chicago’s exchange trading floors. His early success allowed him to strategically deploy capital at various trading firms, backing strategies and mentoring traders to expand his influence.

“This entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his aptitude for identifying trends, led him to closely follow the rapid growth of derivatives and other financial technologies,” said his colleagues. When Phillips met his business partner Michael Dalesandro, another visionary in the financial space, the seeds of RockItCoin were sown and delved deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies.

RockItCoin, LLC’s mission is to make cryptocurrency safely, quickly, fairly and reliably accessible to the masses. Phillips and his team aimed to bridge the gap between the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency by creating a network of user-friendly and conveniently located cryptocurrency ATMs.

“Phillips’ unwavering dedication, strong work ethic and willingness to adapt propelled the company forward,” said his staff. “He quickly grew to understand the intricacies of customer service, compliance, cash logistics, marketing, accounting, human resources, information technologies and business development.”

As an innovative leader, Phillips expanded the company’s offerings by spearheading the development of a smartphone app and offering a way to buy cryptocurrency online with a credit card. More recently, the team launched RockItCoin Go, a revolutionary new product that enables customers to buy crypto at 16,000 retail locations.

“RockItCoin’s evolution from a visionary idea to a thriving company is a testament to Phillips’ many entrepreneurial talents,” said his staff. “Phillips continues to leave a significant mark in the world of finance and digital currencies.”

One of his standout achievements during his tenure at RockItCoin is the company’s inclusion in the 2023 Inc 5000 List of fastest-growing private companies, ranking at 1,687.

“What sets me apart is my relentless devotion to regulatory compliance and adaptability,” said Phillips. “I understood early on that consumer trust and adherence to legal standards were paramount to the success of RockItCoin in a rapidly changing industry.”

Despite grappling with intricate regulatory frameworks and technological challenges, Phillips remained determined and flexible to enable the company to thrive and be positioned as an industry leader.

To keep his enthusiasm burning, Phillips said he prioritizes curiosity. “I firmly believe that an open, inquisitive mindset is the key to solving problems and seizing opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed,” he said. “This approach not only keeps me engaged but also fosters an environment where exploration and creativity are encouraged.”

For his innovative leadership style, Phillips has been named a titan.

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Hyper-Strategic Sensibility – Although not a cool “superpower,” one characteristic of mine that has served me well over the years is my ability to take situations with multiple variables and assess value, weigh probabilities of success, and definitively decide on a course of action. These skills were honed in the option trading pits of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where I had to constantly make valuation judgments based upon many factors and win or lose based on those decisions. In the business world, I find myself methodically taking opportunities apart to identify significant factors, compare alternatives available to me, determine and value the impacts on our company, and decide on a course of action – quickly and efficiently, just like in the pits of the exchange.


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