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Azizi Marshall

Founder & CEO

Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Location: DuPage County

Founded: 2013

Industry: Healthcare- Mental Healthcare

Growing up in a household of two artistic psychotherapist parents, Azizi Marshall learned at an early age that people are beautifully complex. “I was witness to how the arts could guide struggling individuals and communities to a place of healing and growth,” she said.

She later stumbled upon an opportunity to do theatre with inner city youth. “They were some of the most distressed teens I had ever encountered, and they had little knowledge of the world’s possibilities of growth due to their community’s lack of safety and financial stability,” said Marshall. “Through theatre, I saw these kids grow and give voice to their challenges and begin to form bonds with not only one another but also with the community.”

After experiencing corporate-wide layoffs as a mental health professional, Marshall decided it was time to create a safe place for people to not only acquire mental health services, but also express themselves in creative ways. In 2013, the Center for Creative Arts Therapy launched, using creative arts therapy to heal, empower and educate, revolutionizing mental health worldwide.

“I wanted to train other people on how to use their love for the arts with their passion for healing others and help business leaders and teams with their mental health needs through interactive training and wellness programs,” said Marshall. Ten years later, she said she wouldn’t change a single thing about the journey.

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy has seen growth trajectory with revenue expansion and the reach of its services. Under Marshall’s guidance, the company has expanded its portfolio offerings and forged partnerships with diverse organizations seeking to enhance their workplace cultures through creative arts therapy.

“By seamlessly blending the arts, mental health and activism, Azizi has transcended traditional boundaries and unlocked new avenues for therapeutic exploration,” said her staff.

Marshall’s work has included leading more than 1,000 training sessions for businesses, schools and organizations seeking to reshape their cultures. Her impact extends well beyond her practice with media recognition and features on CNN, NBC News and in Oprah Magazine.

“By lending her voice to national discussions on workplace wellness and creativity, she has elevated the discourse around mental well-being in corporate settings,” said her staff. “What truly sets Azizi Marshall apart as a titan in her industry is her relentless commitment to destigmatizing mental health discussions and fostering inclusivity.”

Her commitment and passion have earned Marshall the title of a Titan 100.

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In essence, my secret superpower is an unwavering belief in the healing and transformative potential of the arts, which guides me as I lead our organization, inspire our team, and empower our clients and the global community we serve.


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