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Adan Pope

Chief Technology Officer

Intrado Life & Safety

Location: Cook County

Founded: 1986

Industry: Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Adan Pope is a leader who tells you what he is going to do, makes it happen and celebrates your shared success, said his staff. “In service to an industry that requires the highest levels of availability and reliability, Adan needs to know everything about every technology, which ones are real and which are hype and how to adapt and implement new technologies without disrupting workloads and workflows.”

As the chief technology officer of Intrado, Pope is responsible for all things technology, pulling from 30 years of experience as a leading authority on digital transformation, strategic technology leadership and technology disruption.

Intrado is a trusted provider of software systems and services to the public safety community worldwide, delivering market-leading solutions that connect those in need with those who can best help them. With over 40 years of experience in enabling emergency communications, the company offers technology-driven solutions that deliver speed, confidence and clarity.

Pope joined Intrado to help modernize the emergency communications industry and serves as the leading voice for the next generation of 9-1-1 infrastructure and interoperability. He has launched numerous 1.0 products from concept to manufacturing and has also maintained multiple concurrent product life cycles in production.

In addition, Pope has introduced a Managed Evolution model to emergency communications. “He encouraged the industry instead to rethink its IT architectures and establish a thoughtful series of rational steps between the current state and a future one, minimizing technology and business risk while maximizing end customer value and stability,” said his colleagues.

Pope is a technologist at heart with a desire to share his knowledge with others and help them succeed. Those levers of change include seats on technical and engineering advisory boards, numerous speaking engagements, contributions to industry trade and standards bodies and patented innovations. Pope is also a co-author of the award-winning book – Respect the Weeds: Digital Transformation Rooted in Principled Leadership, Vision and Innovation.

“I am a naturally curious person and live by the belief that through empathy, asking the questions, listening … really listening and putting ourselves in the role of those we serve, we can understand and offer innovation,” Pope said.

Pope has lived by the principles that he shares daily with his team. “Have a plan for success and stay focused on improving every day,” he said. “Stay humble, stay curious and know that the answers are out there somewhere.”

For his commitment to technological advancements and a willingness to lead by example, Pope has been named a titan. “

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I am an undaunted leader who is always seeking to understand. I am authentic, curious, humble(although you would not know it from all this writing about myself), and am very comfortable in times of tremendous change and uncertainty. I know the answers we seek are available and that together, we can overcome challenges, create a plan and create the future through innovation.


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