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Adam Kaplan


Discount Credit Card Supply

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2007

Industry: Electronics Distribituion

Adam Kaplan entered the merchant processing space in 2006 as an independent sales representative and a 1099 contractor and slowly built up his portfolio to several hundred merchants in a matter of years. Soon, realizing that he enjoyed the hardware and accessory supply side of the business, he launched a web presence to distribute paper supplies, terminals and stands.

In the years since that launch, Kaplan has grown Discount Credit Card Supply (DCCS) from just himself in his attic to 23 full-time employees providing services and components that are related to the payment industry.

DCCSupply is a full-solution provide in the payments industry, providing payment device solutions and services to small and medium-size businesses and agents. The firm focuses on quick turnaround of deployments, accessory solutions and supplies with a line of stands, carrying cases and protective covers that are offered across five online markets. The organic growth of the company over the last 17 years, with no outside funding, has grown DCCS to $16 million in sales.

Beginning the journey as a feet-on-the-street sales representative helps Kaplan to understand the needs of his customers, said his staff. “Adam has the ability to build strong connections with whomever he works,” they said. “His commitment to an honest and fair transaction is appreciated by customers, employees and vendors.”

This commitment has led to recognition as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing private company five of the last eight years. In addition, the company designed and produced a line of plastic spill covers for payment devices prior to COVID and was able to expand this line rapidly. These covers were used worldwide at 100K+ retail outlets during the COVID years.

In addition, under Kaplan’s leadership, DCCSupply became a certified encryption service organization, giving it the ability to encrypt payment devices using a secure payment facility. This certification includes an annual PCI Audit with many levels of security and training to maintain.

According to his staff, Kaplan is hyper focused on the long-range profitability of a relationship versus worrying about the short-term outcome. “Adam is also very empathetic to the needs and wants of the DCCSupply staff, providing them the skills they need for work growth and the support they need for their personal growth,” they said. “Adam understands the line between work and play and is always encouraging that others find a comfortable work and leisure balance.”

For sharing his drive and passion for the industry while leading by example, Kaplan has been named a titan.

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