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Tyler Dolph 2023

Tyler Dolph

Chief Executive Officer

Rocket Clicks

Location: Waukesha County, WI

Founded: 2008

Industry: Client Service - Digital Marketing

Tyler Dolph started his career in fast-paced, marketing-focused business development roles, traveling around the country and forming connections and relationships. By chance, he met the founder of Rocket Clicks, Jeff Hughes, on a plane, and he made an impression. The meeting eventually resulted in Dolph heading business development at Rocket Clicks.

Rocket Clicks is a digital marketing firm that prides itself on transparency and personalized communications. “We wake up in the morning to be the last agency our partners and people work with,” the company said. “We redefine agency-vendor relationships into true partnerships, leaving good behind in all we do.”

In his first six months, Dolph tripled the then-baseline prospecting and close rates and brought the right partners into the company. He set a company record of 10 closed clients in two weeks. Within a year, Dolph was offered the position of president. “His unwavering commitment to our goals, his stellar personal performance and a genuine love for the people of Rocket Clicks made it an obvious choice for this important role,” the company said. “He courageously stepped up to the plate to lead and inspire the then team of 15. He leaned in. He pushed, challenged, set goals, got creative and continued to bring in thoughtful partnerships.”

Over seven years, Dolph led his team to an average 25% growth year over year, multiple service expansions and a thriving team of 45-plus associates.

Dolph’s goals in the coming years for the company involve three wordsGrowing. Thriving. Giving. The company’s growth goals involve expanding its partner base. It defines thriving in part by adjusting client/ analyst ratios to avoid associate burnout and committing to a transparent profit margin to ensure job security and resources for the team. Its giving mission is represented by profit sharing bonuses, job creation and investing in the development of its associates.

“I am still learning this dailyIf you help those you work with get what they want, they will help you get what you want, tenfold,” Dolph said.

Dolph is a regular volunteer and advocate for the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. He empowers his team to give back with company-funded volunteer work building homes in the local community.

While the company lost 23% of its business during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dolph avoided layoffs. “His optimism and grit modeled the behaviors we wanted to see, and Rocket Clicks came out of COVID a stronger, more diverse, healthier team than ever before,” the company said

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Did you know?

Although born and raised in Colorado, his love for the Green Bay Packers run deep! In fact, all things Wisconsin does! He met his wife, a Wisconsin native, in college in Missouri and followed that love all the way to where he belongs!


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