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Steve Everett Jr


Timber Creek - FCA

Location: Waukesha, WI

Founded: 1986

Industry: Industrial Packaging

Steve Everett joined Timber Creek FCA in February 2019 with an opportunity to help professionalize the industrial packing company, instill a culture of accountability and execute a strategic exit for the legacy owner. He delivered on those goals and then some, also navigating the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and leading a second sale of the company.

Everett has managed to press the right buttons and make the right changes, and the company has emerged stronger than ever, both financially and culturally.

“Every leadership opportunity is unique,” Everett said. “There is a time and place wherein different leadership styles and skill sets are best suited to inspire the team and drive the greatest results. The best leaders truly recognize the needs of the situation and then use the age-old wisdom of surrounding themselves with people that complement their own skills and abilities to maximize the success of the team. None of us are as great as all of us.”

Everett drew on his experience in mergers and acquisitions, sales development and team building from his days taking a startup manufacturing business from dollar one to more than $12 million in annual revenue over five years. He shifted the culture from being “owner controlled” to “empowered employee,” establishing the catalyst that continues to drive the company’s growth today. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the momentum created during this time served as the foundation for Everett to select an investment banking partner and market the business in support of the transaction event for the owner.

In January 2021, Timber Creek FCA was acquired by Delos Capital and paired with an earlier investment in the same market, FCA Packaging. The transaction opened the door for Everett and his leadership team to set the table for the company’s explosive growth in 2021, improving revenue by 30% and EBITDA by 20% year over year.

Under Everett’s leadership, the company successfully transitioned four of the owner’s sons in the business to permanent career path opportunities, consolidated two manufacturing facilities into one without displacing any employees and invested in an additional manufacturing site.

Everett led another marketing and sale process, and in July 2022 Timber Creek FCA was successfully acquired by Wynnchurch Capital. The organization expects to double in size during the next five years while remaining true to its Midwestern roots, expanding its customer base and adding new manufacturing facilities.

“I am blessed to be surrounded every day by great customers, colleagues, investors, competitors and community partners,” Everett said. “My goal is to put myself out there, to be open to collaboration in a variety of forms so that I may learn from the wisdom of these individuals.”

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Did you know?

When he’s not running a national industrial packaging company, Steve is an avid curler (yes, like the Olympic Winter Sport) although he says he just does it for fun, no Olympics in his future!


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