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Sarjoo Patel


Beam Healthcare

Location: Dane County, WI

Founded: 2014

Industry: Healthcare

Sarjoo Patel said it’s easy to veer from your goals and damage your health and relationships on your entrepreneurial journey without practicing the three Pspatience, progress and perseverance.

Patience is about learning how to nurture your team and dreams and executing when ready, rather than forcing it, he said. Daily progress professionally and personally makes the grind worth it, Patel said. And, perseverance goes hand in hand with patience and progress. “I don’t look for shortcuts in life or business,” Patel said. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It is essential that one believes in themself, stays focused regardless of the obstacles, tackles problems head-on, makes daily progress and remains patient. I truly believe having perseverance leads you to the destination you imagined, or maybe even further than originally dreamed.”

Patel is the founder of Beam Healthcare, a telemedicine company that delivers specialty clinical telemedicine programs.

Patel started his academic career in operation management information systems and later shifted to medicine and worked as a hospital director. He refocused his mission on supporting the community with the simple idea of leveraging technology to solve the challenge of healthcare cost, access and inequities. Out of that focus, Beam Healthcare was born in 2014.

Patel has participated in speaking engagements for Aging 2.0, Forward Fest, InTouch Health Annual Forum, Teladoc Webinar, OnRamp Healthcare, DCMS Annual Meeting, Conscious Leadership at EO Wisconsin and most recently Humans vs. KPIs for EO Wisconsin and EO Texas.

He has also presented as a guest lecturer on Beam’s experience with implementing an advanced practice practitioner-driven telemedicine program for the University of Wisconsin physician’s assistant program and Northern Illinois University, his alma mater.

In 2020, Patel received the Social Impact Award from Northern Illinois University for his work in the healthcare field and his nonprofit. He was further named by Excela Health Latrobe Family Medicine, his medical residency program, as the Graduate of Distinction and presented to the graduating class of 2021.

Beam Up, Patel’s nonprofit, supports kids and youth in regions around the world. In 2021, they partnered with Esperanza Contigo, a nonprofit in Tijuana, to help implement telemedicine services in four orphanages in Tijuana.

“The realization of Beam Up is Dr. Patel’s greatest accomplishment,” his team said. “He is passionate about tackling social determinants of healthcare and providing opportunities for youth to succeed. He uses the opportunities provided through Beam and its partnerships to provide solutions that will allow Beam Up to continue to donate 100% of its proceeds to kids and youth of low socioeconomic status.”

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Did you know?

After his trip to Tijuana with Beam Up and seeing the lack of healthy food options for the kids, Patel was inspired to look more into the social and environmental impact of growing his own food. As a result, he tore up his front yard and turned it into a food forest. The full article can be found athttps://beam.healthcare/en-us/blogs/lawn-to-food-forest-the-social-and-environmental-impact-of-growing-your-own-food/.


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