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Mohamed El-Demerdash

President, US And Canada Services

GE HealthCare

Location: Waukesha County, WI

Founded: 1892

Industry: Medical Technology

Mohamed El-Demerdash’s team at GE Healthcare heaps praise on him for his decades of product development, his work in international markets and his leadership. And El-Demerdash, president of healthcare services, U.S. and Canada, turns around and gives the credit back to them.

“Spend time with the front liners in your organization,” he said. “They are the ones who lift the organization, not the leaders. Our role as leaders is to make their jobs easier and make them more efficient. Listen to them. Support them, and they will make your business shine in front of your customers.”

GE Healthcare designs, manufactures and services high-tech medical equipment. It has 50,000 associates worldwide, and it has pioneered technologies such as CT, MRI and ultrasound. The company is in the midst of a spinoff from General Electric Company.

El-Demerdash graduated from Marquette University and got his professional start by developing products for GE Healthcare. After nine years in that role, he relocated outside the U.S., leading service regions in Turkey, Russia, India and elsewhere for GE. During this 10-year international journey, El-Demerdash introduced several new services and championed campaigns aimed at improving access to healthcare in developing countries.

El-Demerdash rose to become GE’s chief technology officer, leading the redesign of the technology organization globally for the Magnetic Resonance Division. He was recently promoted to president, healthcare services, U.S. and Canada, accelerating efficiencies to ensure important medical equipment is available around the clock for hospitals.

“Mohamed has had the opportunity to see patients in their environments in hospitals globally and is driven to improve the patient experience in the hospital setting,” his team said. “His mission has been to develop products and services that make meaningful improvements in that patient experience and thus he is most proud of the impact he has been able to make on patients.”

El-Demerdash’s coworkers cite several reasons for his success. His global experience, they said, has touched more than 150 countries, and he advises technology leaders around the world. They also note his technical depth, demonstrated by his four technology patents. Perhaps most importantly, El-Demerdash’s team points to his leadership and how he trains leaders and treats associates with empathy.

El-Demerdash is a board member of Stem Forward and an active member of the MKE Tech Hub. He frequently spends time giving back to the community in events and supporting those in need, his team said.

“Stay connected with trends through direct connections with the influencers in the ,” El- Demerdash advises. “Continue to build relationships with all levels of the healthcare ecosystem and use that knowledge to develop solutions and technology that shape the in the future.”

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Did you know?

Mohamed has 5 children and has had the opportunity to visit close to 100 countries globally. He loves to travel especially with his family and learn local cultures.


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