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Lacey Sadoff

Owner / President

Badger Liquor

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: 1935

Industry: Liquor and Wine Wholesale

Badger Liquor is a liquor and wine wholesaler that has been family owned and operated in Wisconsin since 1935, and Lacey Sadoff is the fourth-generation family member owner of the company.

She joined the company almost 15 years ago after her father asked her to “give it a try.” She spent her first years at Badger learning from the ground up, riding with delivery drivers and sales reps, stocking store shelves with merchandise and answering phones with customer service. Along the way, she formulated a plan for how things could improve.

Within a couple years, Sadoff presented a strategic development plan that would restructure the company, build an executive team that didn’t exist and improve employee satisfaction. Through the execution of the plan, Sadoff built the organizational structure and created the foundation for her legacy at the company. Four years ago, she took over as president and owner.

“Leadership is about influencing people through inclusion, inspiration and action,” Sadoff said. “When you have a big vision, you must be courageous. I focus on always treating people fairly and it’s worked. Badger Liquor has seen exponential growth and change over the last decade. Our team has achieved ambitious goals and strengthened our company culture.”

Under Sadoff’s leadership, Badger Liquor increased sales by 60% and added an in-house training and development university. She has opened doors for more women in the by shifting the number of women working for Badger Liquor from 5% to almost 20% and doubled the number of women in management roles.

In 2017, Badger opened its Schlitz Park sales office in Milwaukee. In 2018, Badger’s headquarters in Fond du Lac was renovated to create a more open workspace for employees and a sales building that allows for large group gatherings for monthly sales meetings with suppliers and sales teams. In 2021, Badger expanded its warehouse from 180,000 square feet to over 350,000 square feet.

Sadoff obtained her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marquette University and recently completed Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management executive program. In an that hasn’t always been open to women, much less women in leadership roles, Sadoff is a founding member of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Women’s Leadership Council. “She has paved the way for multiple women in her own company and has encouraged many others to find their success in a male-dominated ,” the company said.

Sadoff serves as a trustee at Milwaukee Film and Radio Milwaukee. She also started her own Lacey Sadoff Foundation to fund and support local organizations that “challenge conventional ideas, value human connection and empower a rising generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs.”

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Did you know?

Lacey is a distinguished ballroom dancer that competes around the country each year, and places in the top ranks, earning many trophies and medals. In 2018, she was asked to participate in a charity Dancing with the Stars event through a local non-profit.


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