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Kenneth P Hahn

Chief Financial Officer

Kondex Corporation

Location: Dodge County, WI

Founded: 1974

Industry: Manufacturing

After 25 years of working first in public accounting and then for a private company, Kenneth P. Hahn took the opportunity to join Kondex Corporation, where he saw an opportunity to apply his skills and make an impact.

Hahn’s experience proved useful to the company in strategic planning, presenting financial results, preparing financial forecasts, financing decisions and negotiating. As chief financial officer, Hahn’s strategic contributions helped Kondex realize its goal to grow and diversify. The company is in the process of expanding its building by nearly 60,000 square feet, allowing the company to meet increasing customer demand and house a state-of-the-art heat treatment system, warehouse and future manufacturing space.

Located in Lomira, Wisconsin, Kondex is a manufacturer of cutting and wear-resistant components. Most of its products are agriculturally based, and its manufacturing efforts support the company’s mission of helping to feed and fuel the world.

Hahn and the ownership and leadership teams envision an even stronger company five years from now. The new expansion will be operational in late 2022 and will provide opportunities for growth of products, processes and employment. It’s important to Kondex to create new jobs for people who live in Lomira and surrounding communities, the company said. However, with the labor shortage expected to continue, Kondex likely will need to offset the shortage with additional automation. There are also plans to continue corporate outreach and educational support efforts.

“I intend to continue to pursue my generally inquisitive nature as well as my interest in working with others toward finding mutually acceptable resolutions to problems or challenging situations,” Hahn said. “While my experience with and knowledge of finance may often assist with such situations, my strategic view of matters and interest in a meaningful, longer-term resolution is often of equal value.

“I also feel it is incumbent upon me to prepare the next generation of leaders by investing the time and effort to train, mentor and guide them during occasions where they have an important opportunity to learn and grow.”

Colleagues point to several strengths that stand out about Hahn. They note his strategic thinking, ability to distill and explain complex financial information, steady leadership and approachability.

“During contemplated transactions and strategic considerations, Ken’s communication style and logical approach helps to bring clarity and understanding to complex ideas,” Hahn’s team said. “As a skilled negotiator he has leveraged that skill to negotiate financing arrangements for transactions and operations. Having a tactful demeanor also helps him to communicate a contradictory stance when appropriate.”

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Did you know?

Ken enjoys traveling with his wife, Gail, including biking trips in Italy and Spain over the past few years.


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