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Jim Banovich 2023

Jim Banovich


Marsh Electronics, Inc.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: 1935

Industry: Electronics Distribution and Manufacturing

After several mergers in the mid-to late-1990s involving Marsh Electronics, Jim Banovich assisted his father Jim Banovich Sr. and another company associate to carve Marsh Electronics out of a large organization within the electronics distribution . The move gave Jim Banovich the opportunity to become an active owner of the company and move into senior management.

“When I was hired at Marsh, my dad was owner and president of the company, and I was brought on to handle Marsh’s largest account at the time and open a new location to support our largest account,” Banovich said. “This was an incredible motivator for me to not make him look bad and mess up our largest account. It drove me to success at our largest account.

“As Marsh went through its ownership cycles and we got our company back, as I grew as a new member of the ownership group, my desire to run the company began to intensify. It peaked in the mid-2010s as I saw opportunities for us to grow and our president/partner was looking at retirement. I got the opportunity to take over as CEO in 2019 and, with my brother, have begun to lead Marsh to evolve to advance, adapt and thrive as the business world changes.”

Marsh Electronics aims to be a destination workplace. In five years, the company said it will be more digitized with its operations and internal security. It plans to lean in on marketing efforts to generate new customers. The sales process is also evolving. There will still be traditional face-to-face relationships, but a portion of the process will evolve to remote contact with the current market and the way the younger generation is entering into the workplace, the company said.

Banovich has a reputation for being very hands-on and knowing his employees. He remembers names and details about his workforce and demonstrates that when he walks through the warehouse, his team said.

He remains active within multiple organizations. He sits on the Distribution Council of the Electronic Components Association and is active with the Vestige and Executive Agenda organizations. He was recently named to the board of MRA.

“I believe staying committed to continual learning, networking and enjoying what you do naturally drives you to stay involved and engaged,” Banovich said. “It drives you to mentor, teach, guide others … I’ve had the opportunity to start serving on some boards and feel this is another great opportunity to support the commitment to continual learning and supporting others.”

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Did you know?

Jim Banovich loves to fish for musky, northern pike, and walleye. This summer Jim completed a remote fly in trip to North Spirit Lake Lodge in Ontario Canada. He caught a 40-1/2lb. northern pike. In fall, Jim turns his fishing focus to pursuing the elusive musky. His personal largest musky so far is 53lbs! He’s also excited about his youngest daughter’s wedding in October!


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