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Jayne Hladio 2023

Jayne Hladio


Midland Wealth Management

Location: Winnebago County, WI

Founded: 1881

Industry: Banking and Wealth Management

Remain true to your values. Be curious. Prepare for and embrace change. Those are some of the axioms Jayne Hladio has followed in her 30-plus year career as a business leader, including in her current role as president of Midland Wealth Management.

“My life can be summarized by Luke 12:28‘To whom much is given, much will be required,’” she said. “While it can be both rewarding and exasperating at the same time, it’s the leader’s responsibility to inspire others to see the future, be the future, and power their purpose in an authentic way. This is an art and a skill you never quite perfect as a leader. Yet, we must be willing to pursue new arenas and sacrifice for the opportunity to make a difference in meaningful ways.”

Midland has grown from a one-branch bank in Effingham, Illinois, to a full-service wealth management company with locations in Wisconsin, Chicago, St. Louis, New York and more. Today, Midland Wealth Management serves consumer, business and corporate clients with a full range of services. “Whether you’re building a nest egg, planning for retirement, deciding on insurance or preparing an estate, our wealth management team will develop personalized strategies to build, manage and preserve your wealth,” the company said. “We will advocate for our clients in expected and unexpected ways to ensure they live life fully. Our wealth wellness approaches combine innovation with tradition while placing our clients at the center of all we do.”

Hladio has transformed financial service businesses and teams to accelerate growth, most recently with Fortune 200 and international, regional and community providers, over the last 30-plus years.

She is Midland Wealth Management’s first female president in over 100 years.

“Our Midland leaders are building a culture and a strategy to accelerate growth as a company who aspires to help everyone achieve financial wellness and abundance in their life, no matter how large or small their income or asset level,” Hladio said.

In the coming years, Midland Wealth Management aims to grow both organically and with selective acquisitions. It plans to more than double its employees, helping to bring affordable Wall Street expertise to Main Street, with special attention to rural communities.

Hladio has emerged as a leader at every stop during her career, earning several honors, including Crains in Cleveland Women of Note and Women of Influence and TEMPO Mentor of the Year. She has served as TEMPO board president for two years and board member for nine.

Hladio serves her local parish of St. Roberts, raising funds for auctions and arranging special events, such as Frank Almond Maestro at Villa Nova Terrace. This event supports scholarship funds for students in need. She leads and encourages many bankers to provide financial education programs in schools such as St. Marcus, St. Roberts and Racine public schools.

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Did you know?

She is a professional musician and appeared on “Wheel of Fortune” as a result of asking each of her colleagues to apply for a game show to provide some levity in the midst of 2008 financial crisis.


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