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Jason Young 2023

Jason Young

President and CEO

3Up Metal Works

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: 2002

Industry: Custom Metal Fabrication

After a 13-year career serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and Wisconsin Army National Guard, Jason Young began a highly-successful career in managerial roles at companies in manufacturing, construction equipment, product distribution and roofing.

He bought the metal fabrication company that became 3Up Metal Works and reshaped the company based on the 80-20 rule80% planning and 20% execution.

3Up Metal Works is a Milwaukee-based metal fabrication company that specializes in sturdy metal infrastructure, from large fabricated pieces to small custom precision pieces. Its capabilities cover structural steel building components, conveyor systems, catwalks and mezzanines, stairways, ladders, railings, materials handling units and more. 3Up Metal Works nearly doubled its revenue from 2020 to 2021, and 2022 is shaping up to be even stronger. The company is already booking projects into 2023.

The company is not a high-volume producer. It’s a custom metal fabricator that makes products to meet very specific needs. Its focus is on quality, not quantity, and few companies do this kind of fabrication work in-house anymore, making 3Up Metal Works positioned to thrive on niche-oriented, one-time projects.

Since Young took over the company, it has reached revenue goals faster than forecast. The third-year target was reached after two years. The original five-year target was $3 million in revenue which, based on current projections, appears too low. Big decisions loom on the horizon, including how fast to grow the business and to what size, how to adapt facilities and how to maintain the current work culture of the business, which is paramount to Young.

“Work culture has changed dramatically over the years,” he said. “This challenge will not stop. Know that you, as a leader, also need to change to ensure that you have high-quality employees who will stay with you in an ever-changing job market. Listen to your people, understand their interests and motivations, and work to accommodate them while holding true to your core principles. Those who are flexible, and adaptable, will survive and enjoy success.”

Young has spearheaded networking groups for veterans to help them build connections in the business world. He collaborates with Mission Wisconsin, which reaches out to military personnel scheduled for discharge to connect them to jobs with Wisconsin employers. Young serves on committees for two organizations that honor and assist veterans. He is co-chair of the Veteran Advisory Committee for Milwaukee County War Memorial and an advisory committee member for the Center for Veterans Issues.

“His dedication to building business the right way, and helping others along the way, has been recognized time and time again,” Young’s team said. “Serving our nation, and helping others in the business world and community at large, make him a person that many respect and all appreciate.”

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Did you know?

Jason admits his wife has turned him into a reality TV junkie. It’s not uncommon to find him binge-watching “Below Deck” on a Sunday afternoon.


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