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Madan Kandula 2023

Dr. Madan Kandula

Founder and CEO


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: 2004

Industry: Healthcare

Dr. Madan Kandula set out to differentiate his ear, nose and throat (ENT) practice by reversing the way consumers are typically treated in the healthcare .

At ADVENT, he and his team aim to end long wait times and uncertainty and move toward innovation, memorable care and simple in-office solutions.

“I firmly believe in doing better today, what was done yesterday,” Kandula said. “There is a wide chasm between the millions of people needlessly suffering from correctable conditions and the simple and effective solutions that exist. Closing that gap has and will continue to be my life’s work. By pursuing that purpose, I will bend the healthcare system in the direction that’s necessary. There is an enormous amount of meaningful work to do.”

Kandula majored in cultural anthropology, religion and biological anthropology and anatomy at Duke University before applying to medical school. He attended Drexel School of Medicine and went on to complete his residency at the University of Oklahoma, where he met his future wife, Gwen, an audiologist. The couple eventually moved to Wisconsin, joined a practice and shortly thereafter, in 2004, opened ADVENT, building a network of patients by searching phone books and knocking on doors.

When ADVENT began, Kandula was the only ENT doctor on staff. Today, ADVENT includes 13 clinics in four states, with Wisconsin locations in Appleton, Mequon, Oak Creek, Oconomowoc, Pleasant Prairie and Wauwatosa. It has eight board-certified otolaryngologists, 25 physician assistants and three nurse practitioners across its clinics.

Over the next five years, the company plans to expand regionally, with the long-term goal to solidify ADVENT’s position as an leader for in-office ENT services and be geographically accessible from coast to coast.

“Ultimately, Dr. Kandula and ADVENT aim to revolutionize medical standards and treatment for nose and throat issues, allowing patients and providers to unlock potential and live a free and fulfilling life,” the company said. “Dr. Kandula routinely treats patients who have had previously unsuccessful surgeries and is often able to deliver better results with less invasive procedures.”

Under Kandula’s leadership, ADVENT has become a trusted medical provider for thousands of patients, including those who have careers that rely on nasal breathing capacity such as musicians, performers and NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL players.

Kandula consults with medical device companies, trains other surgeons in advanced techniques and holds multiple trademarks and patents.

“I remain steadfast in being influential and an leader by continuously pushing myself and my to be superior,” Kandula said.

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When it comes to Dr. Kandula’s music playlist, you’ll be sure to find some intensely focused hard rock music.


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