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Bonnie Locke

Chief Marketing Officer


Location: Waukesha County, WI

Founded: 1969

Industry: Law Enforcement

Asked for her greatest lesson learned in business, and Nlets Chief Marketing Officer Bonnie Locke offers a list of advice that is part professional and part general life lessons.

It’s clear that empowering other women in the workforce is a key part of her mission. From her list
• Schedule regular time with other female colleagues to discuss ideas and check in with them and ask what you can do for them.
• Give your female colleagues a voice at meetings — acknowledge their comments and promote their ideas.
• Take time outside of work to bond with your female colleagues.
• Network, network, network. Help other women find jobs and make connections. Even if you are an introvert, you can do it!
• Keep and maintain close female friendships.

“Work hard, play hard, support others, stay positive, be a lifelong learner, travel, stay healthy and try to find the joy in everything,” she said.

Locke has leaned on that advice in her work for the last 18 years at Nlets, which links and supports state, local and federal law enforcement, justice and public safety agencies, allowing them to share critical information. The Nlets system is built for reliability and to endure threats without hurting performance, the company said.

Nlets has a strategic plan with five goals1.) invest in its network and information services; 2.) expand its user, partner and membership bases; 3.) recruit, develop and retain a quality workforce; 4.) ensure funding for long-term operations and growth; and 5.) reinvest in its membership community.

Locke manages a program that has given millions of dollars back to the states as well as donations to every family of fallen officers. To date, those numbers are $3.58 million to the community and $570,500 to the families of fallen officers.

Locke was voted onto the IACP Law Enforcement Information Technology Section Board in 2015. In her role with the board, she promoted increased understanding of information management, sharing and standards.

She received the G. Thomas Steele Excellence in Law Enforcement Information and Technology Award and recently received the IACP Scanlon Excellence in Criminal Justice Information Sharing Award, which is awarded to a person who has dedicated their career to the advancement of criminal justice information sharing.

Locke “has helped grow Nlets over the last 18 years by creating and managing their first strategic partner and hosting program — allowing Nlets to grow by millions, expand staff, build a new building and deploy new technologies,” her team said. “Her work has expanded the reach and depth of Nlets nationwide, literally helping to save lives and keep our community and citizens safer.”

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Did you know?

She was recently recertified in scuba diving! She is an avid traveler for both work and fun and has visited 27 countries and hopes to visit 27 more!


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