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Amy Walberg

CEO / Founder

PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Founded: 2016

Industry: CPG

As a woman working in a male-dominated , Amy Walberg knows the value of giving others opportunity and lifting up those who could use a boost.

Walberg said it’s one of her greatest lessons learned when she founded and as she continues to lead PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer.

Those lessons include “investing in individuals to help them discover, develop and grow their greatest strengths to build a thriving team with purpose,” Walberg said. “Making a difference in the best way possible and lead by example. Elevating others and providing the framework to achieve the next level of success. Bringing work to life and life to work.

“The movement I would love to inspire is one that disrupts cultural gender-role expectations and racial stereotypes for our daughters and our sons,” Walberg said. “A movement that would encourage people to see our children as the unique individuals they are, celebrating them for their personal skills and strengths, and encouraging them to do their best to use those strengths to build a brighter world for everyone — with kindness.”

PRESS Seltzer, launched in 2016, is one of the pioneer premium beverages in the hard seltzer category with sophisticated fruit and spice flavor profiles and elegant packaging, the company said.

Walberg saw a void in the market for alcoholic beverage options that responded to women’s priorities and she sought to fill that void with PRESS Seltzer. As a busy mom, Walberg wanted a cocktail with all-natural ingredients, lower calories and lower alcohol by volume. She also sought sustainable packaging that worked for a casual barbeque or a formal event.

“PRESS was the first seltzer to do a slim satin can and the first to have a rounded-corner package, mirroring the packaging elegance usually reserved for the beauty and jewelry sector,” the company said. “PRESS packaging reimagined what everyday products could look like, becoming a trailblazer in the category.”

PRESS organized grassroots tastings to win customers and developed a loyal, growing fanbase. PRESS swept the consumer vote for best-tasting seltzer at the national Seltzerland festivals.

“Today, PRESS is distinguished as the only woman-owned hard seltzer among the top-10 brands in this now burgeoning beverage category, claiming shelf space at major retailers in all lower 48 states,” the company said.

Walberg is a recipient of the Inc. Female Founders Award, served as a panelist for the WISE Global Event and was showcased in the Own Your Power video series. PRESS has partnered with national women’s organizations, including National Association of Women Business Owners and Ellevate, to support and give back to women in the workforce. “There’s a powerful synchronicity when communities of successful women collaborate to be a resource to other women leaders,” Walberg said.

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Did you know?

My love of seltzer sparked the creation of PRESS, and was all about prioritizing healthy ways to celebrate. PRESS was my way to honor all of life’s small lovely moments with a healthier version of champagne bubbles that was still festive and fun.


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