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Teresa Katubig

President & CEO


Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1995

Industry: Staffing & Human Capital Management

As president and CEO of staffing and human capital management firm HireLevel, it’s Teresa Katubig’s job to know the workforce and what makes employees tick. So her view of what makes a successful business leader carries more weight than most.

“I believe that the most important attribute of a successful business leader is to make sure that you empower others — whether that be in your own organization and team but also in remembering your community,” she said. “Becoming a role model for the current and future workforce sets the tone for how others should conduct themselves with partners working in your industry.

“The key to empowering others is by sharing information and providing continuous training that builds on the knowledge of your team. To achieve your company goals, your team needs to buy into the mission and the why behind what you do every single day. Pave the way for future leaders of not only your organization but for the communities that they live in.”

HireLevel is a certified Women-Owned Business that supports clients from deep channel recruiting and high-volume staffing to workforce and engagement management.

In January 2022, the company rolled out programs based on employee feedback, covering healthy lifestyles, work-life balance and personal finances. The programs were held early in the year in groups to kick off and have become one-to-one with those interested in continuing or starting improvement in these areas. Katubig introduced the personal wellness program focused on sustainable exercise and meal prepping to fit your lifestyle and budget. The program was sponsored by the company and paid for when the program was completed. The financial wellness program was based on financial education from gross and net pay to budgeting, debt paydown, credit scores and investing.

“HireLevel’s mission is to change lives, and, in 2022, we further committed that mission to include our own internal team’s lives,” the company said. “There is no longer the stress and pressure of leaving your personal life at the door when you walk in. Instead, we are taking the approach of bringing it with you, and let’s work it out together. Our team members’ focus and productivity, not to mention engagement, are much stronger when they feel supported and empowered.”

Katubig’s motto is slow down to go fast. She believes in staying focused on the mission and what the company and individual employee does well and not getting tripped up by things that fall outside of that expertise. Katubig’s daily routine is to ask her management team: “What have you trained on today?” She believes everyone at HireLevel should be trained and knowledgeable about each department and their functions.

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