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Stephanie N Green


Atlas Iron Works

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1922

Industry: Structural Steel Construction

Stephanie N. Green switched industries, moving into an executive role for Atlas Iron Works, and it took some adjustment. But what hasn’t changed is her passion to improve and grow.

“I took a risk getting into a completely different industry, which made me throw everything I’ve ever learned out the window,” she said. “I had to retrain my mind to think differently and come up with new approaches to business, as well as ‘thinking outside the box’ methods. I’ve always had big hopes and dreams no matter what organization I’ve been employed with. It is my passion to create/invent and continuously improve wherever I am planted.”

Atlas Iron Works is a steel fabrication and manufacturing company. “Atlas shall provide our customers with high quality, dependable products and services, on time and at a fair price, which meet or exceed all expectations,” the company said. “We will operate our business as a fierce competitor in our markets in an ethical manner, which enhances long-term employee, customer and supplier relationships.”

Under Green’s guidance, Atlas has minimized downtime in its fabrication process and helped to streamline operations, resulting in greater profitability for the company. While the steel industry is old and typically not innovative, Green has sought ways to modernize. She built the company’s social media presence and shared its projects on various social media platforms. She has worked to elevate the company’s profile, showing its work on buildings, structures and homes across the City of St. Louis.

Green goes out of her way to make sure Atlas employees feel appreciated and respected by arranging for subcontractors and general contractors to meet the Atlas employees who build the products they use.

In the last year, Green traveled out of the country to view different methods and practices of structural steel fabricators to see how they operate and forged new partnerships throughout the St. Louis area and beyond. She sought new equipment to make processes run smoother and quicker. The new equipment will allow Atlas to deliver goods to clients in a speed that it has never been able to accomplish with accuracy and precision on material. “The new equipment will also take some of the additional labor out of the shop employees’ hands, which will result in higher morale and overall better health,” the company said.

“Stephanie has the ability to take a step back and change direction when necessary and let her team lead,” her team said. “She inoculates her employees by showing them different means and methods of completing tasks, but ultimately gives them the tools they need to achieve their goal unassisted.”

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Did you know?

Stephanie has mentioned that she has enjoyed being around like-minded individuals, but of different backgrounds and industries. She has learned some new operational methods that she plans to test them out in the coming year.


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