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Randy Bueckendorf


BEX Construction Services

Location: St. Charles, MO

Founded: 2014

Industry: General Contractor

Earn respect, then worry about leadership. So says BEX Construction Services President Randy Bueckendorf.

“I believe before one can lead, the individual needs to be respected by those he wishes to lead,” he said. “That respect must be earned. No one gets a free ride when it comes to respect. In today’s world, special care must be given to workers’ special needs. It’s not the workplace of my grandfather where not much regard was given toward the workers’ families as a whole. But today, in order to gain the respect required in order to lead, we must acknowledge everyone’s family and be conscious that this may include accommodating things such as doctor’s appointments, school closings and after-school functions.

“It takes a village to raise a family but also a company. Such an environment creates a special bond and makes the workplace fun and enjoyable, and much easier for a leader to lead.”

Founded in 2014, BEX Construction Services is among St. Louis’ fastest-growing general contractors and the city’s second-fastest-growing private company, based on recent St. Louis Business Journal research, moving up from sixth-fastest-growing private company the prior year. The company tackles projects ranging from interior build-outs and remodels to large distribution centers. It was recently recognized by members of the American Subcontractors Association Midwest Council as 2022 General Contractor of the Year. BEX also won this honor in 2020 and 2019.

Under Bueckendorf’s guidance, BEX Construction Services aims to build upon its 365% two-year revenue growth, from $12.4 million in 2019 to $57.725 million in 2021. Its vision is to grow to $100 million in annual construction with a staff of 25 construction and operations professionals. BEX is remodeling a new headquarters to meet its operational and growth needs. Its new space is designed to adapt to changing workforce needs and anticipate the flexibility required of workplaces in the future.

Before he founded BEX, Bueckendorf spent 20 years as a superintendent at Brinkmann Constructors. From 1987 to 2007, he was part of a team that helped build annual revenue from $3 million to $300 million.

In 2019, Bueckendorf steered BEX to tilt-up concrete and focused on work that involved fast turnarounds. That work has included reviving aging retail centers, car dealerships and church remodels.

“I rely heavily on my team,” Bueckendorf said. “I ask them for advice. I listen to them and consider every detail. Then I make a decision and live or die by it. It’s my decision and therefore my risk. If one is to claim the glory for a decision, he must also be prepared to take the blame if things go south.”

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Did you know?

Randy Bueckendorf has three great loves: St. Louis Baseball Cardinals, soccer and dogs. His office reflects his passion amid an abundance of Cardinals decor and more than 40 autographed baseballs. Bueckendorf has played on the same soccer team for more than 30 years, suiting up weekly to take the position of goalie. Every Friday, he brings his two four-legged friends to the office: Daisy, the most amazing duck-hunting Labrador retriever there ever was, and Mick Jagger, a year-old tank of a canine that is learning the ropes from Daisy.


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